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Basema Salman

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  • Who's the Threat? Western Powers have invaded and Killed Millions of Muslims
    • I never wondered who were/ are the Aliens. In Europe, after the killing of a British soldier in Woolich London, the discussion of “” The Terrorist Muslims” has been stirred again. However one Imam in London, Farooq Murad, managed eloquently to clarify this terrible killing, how Muslims should not be derailed and move forward;
      Ajmal Masroor Sky News Interview - Woolwich Terrorist Attack link to

  • Saudi Arabian Women, Unveiled (VICE video)
    • I must disagree with what he said that writing is the same as photography!
      Deema Barghouti, is she really a Saudi? We all know that the Barghouti are a famous Palestinian Family.
      I wonder what is the added value of this film, photos shots? If the Suadi women really believe that they are empowered and have rights why can't they still vote or drive alone in own car in year 2013?

  • Let the Palestinians have their “Kaf-Tet Be’November” (Sternfeld)
    • Interesting to know. I really hope that Israel will for once stop attacking innocent Palestinians and making wars with the neighbors. It is time that the UN and the rest of the world also recognize the Palestinian Refugees and Diaspora ( not only Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza) who are anxiously anticipating this historical moment of the bid on 29th November, also the international Day for the solidarity with Palestinians.

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