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  • No, America, it wasn't Russia: You did it to Yourself
    • This all makes sense except for the bit: "Or on the other hand it was Neofascist disinformation campaigns like spiritcooking and pizzagate. It wasn’t anything as rational as a Putin sting." This seems to ignore the possibility that a Putin sting may be connected to such misinformation as Pizzagate, since there is a connection through Donner Party loyalists such as Manafort and Bannon, as well as a Putin habit of using child porn as a smear tactic against enemies. Plus the whole non-issue of the emails, which I agree with, there was no issue, but that continuing leaky faucet continued an enormous distraction to any traction for HRC. Just a static message breaker.

  • Israeli Press on Syria Delay: History will Mock Obama (OSC)
    • Of the five selections of the /israeli press included here only two fit with your headline. The other three convey precisely the opposite message, praising Obama's care in his use of the military. Given most read only headlines, you're giving a wrong impression, of an Israeli consensus critical of Obama.

  • Kerry signals US Intervention in Syria, but to What End?
    • I don't see any mention here of the strategy of drawing US into the war in order to excite the base of anti-US opinion and more energy for the regime's struggle. A deliberate provocation designed for US opinion to draw Obama into the strategic mistake of response. i.e. the only way out of the war is to expand the war. Is that plausible, or did I miss the mention, or is it implicit in the whole discussion? It seems like an important point for the US public to understand.

  • You are the Terrorist (Video)
    • The gummint has a hard message to sell. If it claims Snowden did a horrible criminal thing, then it's saying their collection was a big deal. But they want to claim their collection was no big deal, but that would mean that Snowden's disclosure was no big deal. Of course they want to claim self-contradictory things: that their collection was no big deal, but that Snowden's disclosure was a big deal. He's only criminal if they are criminal.

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