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  • An Open Letter to the Left on Libya
    • ...unless NATO is indeed dropping DUI ordinance!
      Then it's bad for EVERYONE!

    • Our "Little Darlings" ARE being forced into the military by our sinking economy and lack of good jobs.

      I have a friend in depressed rural Georgia who is expecting, and dreading, a visit tomorrow from the recruiter who wants to hornswaggle her 17 year-old son into the military.

      She'll present him with tough questions, to be sure, but the deciding factor will be economics.

    • Well, then, Mazlum, enjoy your Bought-and paid for Sham Democracy and your Capitalist overlords' treatment of you when you get in their way as a "Useless Eater"...see how much your measly vote, or your Democracy and freedoms means to them compared to their PROFITS..
      Your heroes are well on their way to destroying all the social programs and rights we've enjoyed as a civilized society, so, hope you're happy and will continue to be after they bleed you dry and come arrest you for protesting and not being a Good little Consumer anymore!

    • I wonder who will come help US against our own military dictatorship when the time comes?

      Don't have one here, you say?

      Just get enough people out in the streets to protest the government, and it'll appear, alright.

    • You are wrong!
      (such a tired old disproved canard!)

      Socialism and Democracy go together far better than Democracy and Capitalism....or haven't you looked over the pond lately?
      ...or haven't you noticed how miserably our Capitalism has mucked-up our Democracy!?
      It is "Capitalist Democracy" that is the Oxymoron!

    • I have gone between cheering the rebels and glad to help them, to having many doubts.
      Then I heard Nato was dropping ordinance with DUI in it!!
      That's crazy, and criminal if true..."Help" them by poisoning their land!? The only thing that would serve is the oil interests..."get those pesky humans out of there!'

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