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  • CIA Drone Kills Pakistan Taliban Leader on Eve of Peace talks with Islamabad
    • To compare Hakimullah Mehsud with a "moderate Hamas diplomat" is either extremely naive or deliberately disingenuous.

    • Mark,

      You have continuously flogged the Gulbuddin Hedkmyatar case so many times I have lost count. It is irrevelanant to the situation today. The more we degrade high level Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists like Mehsud, the more the moderate elements (which will be the only ones left) will be inclined to come to terms with the Pakistani government.

    • Brian,

      We are not bombing a "nation we are not at war with." We are targeting known enemies of the US operating within Pakistan. But we are not "bombing" Pakistan.

      You are exhibiting the height of naivete when you state that we targeted "the one guy on the Taliban side most inclined to make peace." Haikimullah Mehsud was a brutal terrorist who would do whatever was neceassary to maintain the Taliban resistance to both the Pakistani government and the US. Any possibility of a raprochement between the Taliban and the Pakistani government will only be succdssful if it is consummated by a Taliban that is committed to peace, and not to stalling tactics.

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