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Charles Jannuzi

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  • Israel's Groundhog Day: Reverse Snowballs and the Horror of Lawn-Mowing
    • Desalinization would depend on having better energy supplies. Israel's best hope is to drop the combination of national state religion and orthodoxy (although much orthodoxy rejects atheistic Zionism, at the same time there is now Zionist orthodoxy too) and embrace true multi-culturalism and difference.

    • It goes beyond that. They are working on a 'Greater Israel' that incorporates the West Bank--and turns Gaza into a military training and testing grounds, with truck farming and some beaches etc. Greater Israel also incorporates the Golan region of Syria, as it is key to a secure fresh water supply for Israel (some sources say over 50% of the fresh water Israel uses comes from there, and that the area is also key to replenishing the aquifer in Jordan, which Israel also uses).

      I think the only possible solution would be to get Israel to evolve to being a true multi-cultural society that accepts all Palestinians. But I doubt that enough on either side are ready for that. But that is what they said about the US and S. Africa years ago. So perhaps there is room for hope (although that would also depend on how successful one thinks the US and S Africa have been in dealing with 'difference').

  • The Second Iran-Iraq War and the American Switch
    • Before the crash, they had been doing those heavily. They had run the price of oil up to almost 150 dollars a barrel. In fact, oil CRASHED FIRST. Then European banks. And then the US.

    • Exactly, even as they have encouraged and pursued just such a thing in Lebanon and Syria.

    • >>US policy has been in favor of a united Iraq on the whole, Mr Biden excepted.<<

      That is doubtful. First, the word 'policy' is rather a strange way to characterize the invasion, occupation and destruction of Iraq. Second, the US has encouraged Kurdish independence--even before the invasion. Third, the US played Sunni off against the Sadrists to defeat the resistance during the occupation. Fourth, the US saddled occupied Iraq with a weak federal structure.

      So while official statements might indicate they supported a united Iraq, their ACTIONS clearly did not.

    • This is confusing because the US is physically supporting both sides. I would suggest the plan is a partition of Iraq into 3 parts, something, for example, Biden recommended when he was running for president. I think what is going on is fully CIA-approved and represents their 'divide and rule' strategy for Iraq and Syria. If anything, the 'Sunni state' will be a base for the US to continue to wage war on Syria.

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