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Charles Lo Presti

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  • As Trump & Pruitt unleash Climate Demons, Scientists dream of Atlantic Wind Farm
    • Unless the problem of stranded assets is dealt with fairly, we will continue to encounter resistance to replacing f√≥sil fuels with renewables. A coal mine, in a world of renewable energy sourced, can no longer market it's coal. What happens then o the investors in coal? One might say tough luck investors. We need a better answer than that.

  • We Get Sick, They Get Rich
    • Charles Lo Presti 09/29/2017 at 3:50 pm

      Policy decisions, including corporate business decisions, are moral statements.

      Two versions of morality here:

      It is immoral to price-gouge the poor and the sick (idealized Christianity)

      It is moral to strive to become rich, because God favours the rich (prosperity gospel)

      Which moral statement above is winning out?

Showing comments 2 - 1