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  • Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris
    • 930 was a number published in September. Although 1/4 are suspects of eminenent departure, it's certainly an underestimate: often some are identified once they're in Syria. The knuckleheads often have 2 nationalities and transiting through North Africa does the rest.
      But regardless, there are far more organizers, facilitators and most of all, sympathisers.
      1 example: I was living in Toulouse when the school was targeted. People were in shock to see the support the perpetrator had received in certain neighborhoods.
      I also lived in Lille in the 90's and Paris. I can tell you that bracing ourselves won't cut it.

    • Alain Chouet, the former head of French Intel agency, pointed out 'sharpening contradictions' as well but I must say his perspective is much more informative, with all due respect. But firstly, as a side note, he firmly condemns the media's use of the appellation al qaeda for such tragedies. I could try to explain if needed; this video is in French.
      link to

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