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Count Duckula

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  • Woman in Red (Turkish Police Spray Tear Gas on Modern Young Protester)
    • Contrariwise, it's worth pointing out that Turkish women *not* wearing suitably "secular" and "modern" apparel - specifically, women who choose to wear the headscarf or e┼čarp - were for decades on end among the most vulnerable, oppressed people in the Turkish Republic: to the point, astonishingly, that tens of millions of them could be denied a university education or work in the public sector.

      This is the way oppression is ideologically encoded in a society: with such fatuous yet deeply significant equations as these: "liberated" paired with "secular and modern" - specifically "secular and modern" dress, indeed - correspondingly, the implied opposite of un-liberated with non-modern, with non-modern dress... as if you can't be truly oppressed until and unless you are dressed a certain way. And that of course is the point, isn't it? *The ideology will decide what the correct, valid forms of being oppressed, of being a victim are.*

  • Taksim Square Protests in Turkey Spread to other Cities, Police accused of Brutality
    • Actually, young people opposed to Erdogan seem to care quite a lot about the alcohol restriction. It's all they've talked about the last few days. But you're right, I don't think they care about or are even especially aware of environmental issues. Nor are they - like the party they support, the opposition CHP - particularly bothered about the slaughter of innocents in neighbouring Syria.

      UK national in Istanbul

  • Some blame Syria's al-Assad for Bombing in Christian Beirut that Kills Top Lebanese Security Official
    • Your sectarian angle on this story is a little baffling...

      'Abdu l-Bari 'Atwan has a good piece on this in al-Quds al-'Arabi: link to\19z999.htm&arc=data\2012\10\10-19\19z999.htm

  • Romney Jumps the Shark: Libya, Egypt and the Butterfly Effect
    • What is "moronic" (and lacking in any sense of proportion) is the way in which you're prepared to ridcule and stigmatise literally billions of people because of the actions of a motley crowd of a few hundred protesters and football fans, whipped up and led up Salafi fundamentalists... Probably even they had nothing to do with the killing of the four US officials (read link to

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