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  • Wael Ghonim vs. Barack Obama: Change we Can Believe in, Yes we Can
    • Nice to see you calling out the Obama regime in no uncertain terms for its numerous sellouts and crimes -- both at home and abroad.

      But the REALLY awful thing is that given the huge power wielded by the Israel and banking lobbies, any President would have to act in essentially the same way. Bringing these lobbies down a few pegs is the only hope for a better world IMHO.

  • Egypt: I ask Myself Why
    • A few billion dollars a year is chump change to Saudi Arabia and other gulf states. Offsetting a cutoff of US aid would be no problem for them if they were of a mind to do so.

  • Zewail's 4 point Plan for Egypt
    • Proessor Cole

      How can you call the US "one of the world's most vibrant democracies", when elections incrasingly are bought and paid for by corporations and the ultra richs? Pluutocracy is a much more accurate description of the US today IMHO.

  • Top Ten Horrible Things done to Us by Outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman
    • I have long felt that Gore lost the 2000 election. because Lieberman was on the ticket.

      I, for one, voted for Nader back then because I knew Lieberman was a fanatic Zionist warmonger and did not want him a heartbeat away from the Presidency. I would have voted for a Gore if he had a halfway decent running mate. If Nader had not run I would have abstained from voting although Bush had not yet come out as an equally fanatic warmonger.

      Undoubtedly Lieberman also cost the ticket the "anti-semitic" vote.

      Gore picking Lieberman for a running mate was perhaps the dumbest move of his political career INHO.

    • Reportedly Lieberman was Obama's "Rabbi" in the Senate and Obama supported him when he ran for reelection in 2006 as an independent against a progressive Democratic candidate,

      This was an early warning that Obama's campaign slogan "change you can believe in " was nothing more than a clever scheme to fool the electorate into viewing him as a progressive candidate instead of the banking, big business, and Zionist shill that he always was.

  • White Terrorism
    • As the Wikileaks cables have confirmed the US government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world and its behavior in many instances puts Al Capone to shame. Its response to the "terrorist threat" is nothing more than a program of mass murder. Obama claims the right to kill anybody anywhere (even Americans) who is deemed a terrorist threat"

      When the populace sees its government operating as an international gangster why should we be surprised that some on the lunatic fringe decide to "take out" their perceived enemies as the CIA is doing in Pakistan?

  • Iran's Oily Revenge on US Drivers, US Troops
    • The Fed's massive money printing and near zero interest rate policies encourage speculation in just about all asset classes -- not just stocks.

      The price of a strong stock market under these conditions is surging commodity prices.

      To paraphrase an old song about love and marriage, you can't have one (strong stock markets) without the other (exploding commodity prices)

      Without QE2, oil probably would be around $70 now instead of $90.

      If the Fed maintains this course, crude will surge well above $100 this year and gasoline will again approach $4 -- even without another crisis in the Mideast.

    • A key factor pushing up oil and commodity prices is the massive Fed money printing currently extant. The media generally minimize this and seek to blame foreigners alone for surging gasoline prices.

  • Wrong Again, Sen. Graham: Cole in Truthdig
    • Graham is perhaps the Israel lobby's most powerful gentile member.

      The lobby's primary goal now in getting the US to attack Iran. Seems pretty clear that the main reason they might want bases in Afghanistan is to further threaten the Islamic Republic.

  • 8 Baghdad Bombings Target Christians
    • The nitty gritty as we used to say back in the 1960s is that "Christian" America cares far more about Israeli Jews than about mideast Christians who have suffered enormously from America's warmongering pro-Israel policies in the region.

  • What would Martin Luther King Say? Mosques and the New Jim Crow in America
    • Great post Professor, but I suspect that even you might be shocked by how far anti-Japanese sentiment went during World War 2. US propaganda routinely depicted Japanese as subhuman apes and baboons, fully matching Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda in depths of depravity.

      A Gallup survey taken towards the end of the war showed that something like 20% of the US populace wanted to exterminate the entire Japanese race even if Japan surrendered.

      Let us hope that the current anti-Moslem hysteria never approaches the genocidal depths of anti-Japanese fanaticism during World War 2.

  • An Israeli Attack on Iran would reduce Barack Obama to a One-Term President
    • Fillmore Hagan 08/16/2010 at 7:38 am

      Will there or will there not be a US/Israeli atack on Iran?

      The bottom linr is quite simple IMHO.

      If th warmongers believe they can acheive an easy low-cost win, war is a virtual certainty.

      But if the Iranians can make them a pay a heavy price (and this applies especially to Israelis whose tolerance for casualties is very low) the odds of a war shrink to near zero IMHO.

    • Juan

      Jews do account for about half of America's billionaires, but your implication that all of these support the neo-cons and a war with Iran goes too far IMHO. Although many of them undoubtedly are pushing for such a war, George Soros (and probably a number of others) do not support such an approach.

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