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  • Who's the Threat? Western Powers have invaded and Killed Millions of Muslims
    • There is an issue around drawing a line at 1798, which was amongst the high point of Ottomon Empire and so it was defending and shrinking from then onwards. Some of the death and fighting was eg Balkans previously conquered people's throwing off previous invasions.

      But your main point is true 'they' have not been invading 'us' since then.

      In fact in terms of invasions or occupations you list is way too short.
      Syria: Britain and France invaded in the 1830's, and in WW1 France then stays 1918 to 1946, but Britain invades and occupies in 1941.
      Iran you have the occupation in WW2 but Britain intervenes during WW1 as well and fought a war in the 1850s with Iran.
      All of North Africa becomes a war zone for outside powers from 1939-43.
      Suez 1956, Britain had 3 unsuccessful wars in Afghanistan before the present one!

  • Afghans to US Military: Be at Least a Little Ashamed
    • We seem to have got to the point where we are there because we are there because we are there!!

      Obama says he wanted to treat this war as the good war, as opposed to the Iraq war so he could not be accused of being weak, it was all to do with positioning in DC not facts in Khandahar. The Brits took on Helmand as a way of hiding the fact they were running away in failure from Basra.

      We need to get out as quickly as we reasonably can, and the idea that you can both have a fair election to replace Karzai in 2014 and have an agreement that US Special Forces can have free run of the South going forward is nuts.

  • Afro-Asia, Global South Reject Boycott of Iran
    • The map could do with some tidying up, unless Todd Palin has had his way and Alska got Independance without me noticing!

      Sweeden has been in the EU for almost 20 years, Rumania and Bulgaria for 5, Greenland is part of Denmark for issues like this.

      But overall message is clear,

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