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  • Hidden Camera Reveals Chilling Life Under ISIS Control
    • $38 buys a little police body cam on Amazon. $5000 would buy a hundred. $50,000 might provide a terrific video stream that could let the quality of life for people on the ground determine who governs them. TYT could tank ISIS.

  • Game Over for Earth: Big Carbon's Fatal, Scorching Triumph over Greens
    • Alternatives to an economic system that depends on perpetual growth are a need waiting to be met. How can mankind relinquish the notion that perpetual quantitative growth is good? Would it help for goals to be defined in qualities, perhaps, rather than in quantities?

      Providing free contraception globally could be a place to start. End unwanted overpopulation. End the frowning on non-procreative sex.

  • Shutdown Anthem: Boehner & Bachmann "We Can't Stop" (SNL Miley Cyrus spoof video)
    • Could it be that short sellers are driving the shutdown? This may explain why the Republicans have trouble finding a reason for it. They are shutting down for the sake of shutting down.

      Driving the stock market down is a great way to make money if you are on the "sell now, buy later" plan. And you will know in advance when it is going to end.

  • BS Happens: Parody of 24/7 Cable News
  • Whistleblower Bradley Manning: "I thought I was going to die in a cage." (Democracy Now!)
    • Mike, if you read up on it a little bit, you'll discover that Manning is most famous for releasing to the public the cockpit video of our guys shooting civilians for the fun of it. That fulfills your definition of whistle-blowing.

      He was selective with his material, so a lot of naughty little things we've been doing came to light. Documents that he released are credited with setting off the Arab Spring. You might want to read up on that.

      He spent almost a year in conditions designed to destroy his mind. Endless solitary turns a person into a vegetable after nine months. Add to that having his sleep interrupted every five minutes, and you have an example of torture. Add to that being forced to sleep naked and stand at attention naked in the morning. He was being punished.

      He came face to face with the gonzo commander of one of the nation's toughest military brigs.

      It always helps to read up on these things.

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