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  • Video of the Day: Turkish Economy Flourishing but needs to go Green
  • Militant Secularism in the Middle East?
    • It is an irony when officers guilty of multiple crimes against humanity refer to their political foes as "cultists" and "terrorists" when these labels very much apply to themselves.

      The next stage, particularly in Egypt, appears to the revolutionary youth, the sane parts of the media, and the left against the generals and the military-industrial-media comlex.

  • Is Iran out of the US War Queue? The Twilight of the Hawks
    • China will be attempted as the hawk's first hope. If that doesn't work out, Russia might be used again. If that fails, they may end up out of luck. General events involving al-Qaida will go on for a while longer, but that won't be fulfilling enough to hawkism. Starting to provoke an anti-interventionist backlash as well.

  • Has Military Suppression of Political Islam ever Worked?
    • It seems that the panel revising the constitution intends to reintroduce the article forbbiding parties based on religion, gender, ethnicity, and origin. But will this actually change anything?

      Didn't the FJP, al-Nour, and the others register when such an article was in place with the 2011 constitutional declaration? It looks like the FJP registered itself as "non-theocratic" and committed to a "civil state." So, will this really matter much? Will al-Nour really just let itself be disenfranchised? Or maybe the courts are planning to be more aggressive, though religious parties could try to reregister in a new guise.

      Seems like a potential cluster or minefield if parties are restricted on a large and potentially arbitrary scale.

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