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Don Denesiuk

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  • Tillerson-Trump Rumble over Qatar shows White House Divisions
    • Dr. Cole,
      I wonder if you have written any sort of primer on the GCC? Who are the players, what are their common goals and what are the points of contention?
      I suspect Putin (who doesn't) has an interest in fomenting conflict in the Gulf in order to boost oil prices and subsequently Russia's coffers. Therefore he has his stooges (Trump, Tillerson) stirring up trouble.
      How would this play into the US/Saudi vs Russia/Iran alliance dynamic?

      Also thanks, Bob Across The Road, your comment appears to support my hypothesis.

  • How Mainstream is Bernie Sanders?
    • All Professor Cole says is true.
      However the harsh reality is there is no way a Democratic convention will present Bernie as their candidate.
      If Senator Sanders should run as an independent in the presidential election he would split the vote of non Republicans thereby assuring a Republican victory.
      It's the shitstem.
      I'd like to hear Prof. Cole's suggestions on how that system can be changed , short of revolution.

  • Amazing Green Cars at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show
    • The white Tesla shown is actually a Model X.
      In a few years the model≡ ­­ will be out at Volt like prices and the era of wide spread adoption of EVs will have begun.

  • Top Ten Likely Consequences of Muslim anti-US Embassy Riots
    • I would love to hear your thought on who benefits from further demeaning the US reputation in the Arab world. News stories today talk of the FBI questioning a former internet bank fraudster as the one who directed the YouTube video that sparked this latest conflagration of hate. He had to be paid as there is no profit motive in this and he doesn't appear to be an Ideologue. Cui Bono?
      link to

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