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Ed Patton

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  • Yemen & Dubai may be at War, but both are going Solar Big Time
    • Here is a master plan.Victor Hugo, a French writer and Author of “Les Miserables” once said: “All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” That time is now! has a ten minute video on You Tube that is free to the public. It points out that the world spends about 2 trillion dollars a year related to war and gives us two choices: ----------- If we are to survive we must not choose the second option.
      Hope you will encourage others to view this video and discuss our life strengthening options. What would the world be like if we quit living in fear and redirected our intelligence, energy and resources?

      John Lennon wrote in his song, “Imagine all the people
      living life in peace…I hope someday you'll join us
      and the world will live as one”.

      We are the ones we have been waiting for. We cannot afford to wait any longer.
      Ed Patton

  • Parenting in Fear: Leaving a Climate Apocalypse to our Children
    • If we were as smart as we should be at this time there would be a five year moratorium on children being born.In the meantime there should be a worldwide,voluntary,free sterilization program with substantial cash incentives .I have three great grand children and I am virtually scared shitless.

  • Planet Tahrir: The Coming Mass Demonstrations against Climate Change (Klare)
    • Here is a green revolution that could dramatically lower CO2
      and save consumers at least 60 billion dollars a year.
      “Pay At the Pump No-Fault” Auto Insurance
      There is no place in American industry where there is more room for improvement
      than in the auto insurance industry. Sometimes the answers we are looking for are right under our noses. P.A.T.P is the best idea since social security!
      When we drive up to a gas station and fill up we already pay state/ federal taxes, why not add another 40-60 cents a gallon for full coverage no-fault auto insurance?
      Here are just a few compelling reasons to adopt P.A.T.P.
      A plan where everyone is insured under the Mandatory Auto Insurance Law.
      A plan if properly implemented could do away with uninsured motorist coverage.
      A plan consumers can afford and it provides better coverage.
      A plan that rewards people for driving less.
      A significant step towards lowering consumption, slowing CO2 emissions and helps
      us to have cleaner/healthier air.
      A plan that puts a public non-profit corporation in effect that is run by 6-8 elected commissioners in rotation.
      A plan that does not discriminate according to age. (If you break the law you will pay more to renew your drivers license.)
      A plan that does not pay insurance companies to sell one policy at a time.
      A plan that does not allow people to sue unless there is criminal intent. ( A schedule of pain and suffering benefits could be built in for a few cents more.) Some 97% of claims are settled out of court. Usually, a lawyer simply writes a demand letter then gets a third
      of the settlement.)
      A plan that will make us more competitive in the world markets because it makes us more efficient. (That makes us all a little richer.)
      A plan where problematic drivers could be educated lowering costs for the rest of us and save lives.
      This plan would take incalculable expenses off of our overburdened health care system.
      I began promoting Pay at The Pump in 1987 . Financial writer Andrew Tobias testified before the U.S House Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer Protection and Competitiveness April 14th 1988. It was estimated then P.A.T.P would save consumers
      50 billion a year. That figure would be much higher today.
      Pay at the Pump was debated in the assembly of Sacramento Calif. in the
      early 90’s. It was eventually shot down by special interests. (lawyers and insurance
      companies get over half of your insurance dollars and they make money on your prepaid premiums)
      The governor is obligated to enforce the Mandatory Auto Insurance
      Law. The state patrol answers directly to her. Over 15% of the state drivers have no insurance and the numbers are growing. Yakima County is over 20%. P.A.T.P. is the
      Washington could lead the nation by setting up a pilot program of 1,000 drivers
      to analyze the results. Volunteers could be given a petroleum insurance card. If the pilot program was deemed a success, it could be expanded across the U.S. Anyone desiring to opt out of the present self serving private insurance business of one policy at a time could do so. States could have varying premiums per gallon.
      By its own nature, insurance is a cooperative enterprise, a sharing of the risk. P.A.T.P. is capitalizing at its best. By raising the price for insurance we will put more emphasis on conservation, and send a stronger message to auto makers, it would lower our dependence on foreign oil, help with the balance of payments and there would be fewer green house gases.
      W should demand an independent study be done to make the facts known to all legislators!
      A national summit should be called. It is time for a change!
      Ed Patton 509-2481838
      1304 So. 16th Ave.
      Yakima WA 989902

  • Top Green Energy Good News Stories in Honor of Frankenstorm
    • Cut the military 20% and employ and train all related people
      to carpet bomb this country with solar and wind and a totally new electrical grid.
      No time to waste. The die off is underway and the most humane thing we can do to sloe it is to act with warp speed.
      Ed Patton
      Yakima WA

  • Half of All Solar Panels are in Germany (Video)
    • We are playing with fire.The U.S should take thirty billion out of the defense/offense budget and install solar and wind at warp speed creating jobs and lowering emmissions.

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