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  • The Green-Khaki Alliance: Morsi Deploys the Military for Referendum
    • If it is such a wonderful constitution, why is Morsi compelled to ram it through?

      me: He has to. According to the last public voting the people are the highest order of command in the nation. The Public vote early this year decreed that any constitutional assembly must complete its work within six months and all the articles read out in one single day and after the draft is given to the president the voting would be after fifteen days of his receiving the draft. That is the law. They spent more than eleven hours trying to find a loophole to get out of this because no one, and I honestly mean no one wants this but the problem is there is none. The law was given by the people and until a new parliament is formed we have to continue with this law. Egypt is a land of laws, we do not invent new laws just when we please. As for the President's decree, he was trying to give them a chance to finish, he had no idea they had actually almost concluded their work so that is why he came out with the decree granting them two more months to finish their work. Actually he had no right to do that, this was also discussed in the open dialogue on Saturday, the law stipulates six months only and we have to abide by this in the absence of a parliamentary institution.

      This wording about Muslim Brotherhood document is quite unfair to the majority of people who actually helped form this document. Do you know how much work was put into it.Those people who come now, and say they had nothing to do with it are lying blatantly because every article on its conclusion has to be signed by all members, how come they signed on more than eighty percent of the articles? How do they back out of that?
      Morsi has still his hands outstretched for open dialogue, in fact many people opposing him have availed themsleves of this invitation since Saturday, and continue to do so, thinkers, political analysts, opposing party members and leaders, and it continues especially when the Baradei Sabbahi Mousa party have been shown up for what they really want which is continuous chaos for the benefit of removing the president and perhaps avoiding the cases filed against many many of the previous regime.

      Actually it omits nothing of the sort, I told you read it. The constitution assembly spent many nights and days without sleep and they took advantage of many many specalists the aim was to help our poor, and the minorities, according to the new constitution there every single Egyptian has equal rights. According to the ew constitution the Christians and the Jews have more rights now than before, for one thing Christians during the Mubarak era had no right to build new chuches and it took them a lot of paperwork to actually renovate old churches and synagogues, according to the new terminology their right is equal not to the Muslim majority and they have the same rights as the Muslims. As for women, well women are Egyptian so their rights according to the new constitution is equal to any other Egyptian.
      According to the new constitution every single human on Egyptian land is to be respected and treated with dignity and his rights respected. According to the new constitution education is free throughout all age groups. There are rights for the farmers and there are rights for other members, I tell you no one really has a problem with the constitution, the real problem is that the minute everyone says yes is the minute those who have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars worth(yes that much) of land are going to be taken to trial to acount for it.

      As for Morsi's decree it was aimed at two things because there was a plot against him, which is very obvious now when we find the presidents car attacked, his driver injured and the national guard doing nothing about it. What did you expect the military to do? They said they would ensure safety and no more violence and only until the elections are over and only in the sites that the elections would be present.

      The international community should not legitimize the anti-democratic process used to railroad that constitution through. This is not meddling or intervention, it is taking a principled position.

      Me: You have no right to interfere with Egypt in any way.Baradei and co are not our legitimate spokespersons, the president is. Baradei and co has lost that great respect most liberals had for him for his latest actions. Forget the media, there are thousands outside the media city-sorry I don't know what it is called in English but it is the place where TV shows and the channels broadcast their programs-anyway, these media channels are distorting the news right now because the ones who are paying their paychecks are going to be held to account for lands taken during the Mubarak era, we all know that. You can get your news from AlJazeera, or Misr 25 or the national channels if you wannt the truth without bias.

      Of course the U.S. and other nations will deal with the resulting Egyptian government, just like governments deal with other authoritarian states.

      me: Authoritarian? Give me a break. During the military rule last year someone tried to enter the presidential palace and he was shot dead. During the Mubarak rule someone tried to climb over the presidential palace wall and he was shot dead.
      Now check them out at the presidential palace, right now they have broken the wall erected by the national guard, and are marching towards the palace, they are keeping their distance but before that they tried to attack the palace, the president has ordered that no one touch them, why do you think that? Because he loves his people and he is anything but a dictator, those words are the words of our distorted media, who have never enjoyed free speech as they are enjoying it now. The truth is that he is trying to steer Egypt towards democracy much to the chagrin of the infamous trio the collaboration of destruction, baradei and co, because they wanted to remove the second articel and they wanted the presidency themselves and other reasons like that. Like I said, they've just lost their popularity with the people.

      I do hope the U.S. cuts all foreign aid. Morsi is trying to blackmail the U.S. just like Mubarak did for so many years. If Morsi wants to abrogate the treaty with Israel, I say good luck with that.

      Me: Egyptians respect all peoples, and we want democracy with the rule in the people's hands, I believe after open dialogue on Saturday many peoples have realised this. Morsi is a respectable man, even his opponents admit this, I don't know what they say in English channels but that is what everyone who meets him says. He has never tried to blackmail anyone. He wants his people to rise from the edge of poverty, whether Us aids or not, we will still rise, we are determined and we will become a great nation with a decent life for everyone.

    • Up to Obama and international community to deny legitimacy of the referendum?

      I jolly well wish the US would do just that. That is one sure way of ensuring all people go to the polling booths and voting yes, and by all I mean all muslim and christian alike! Egypt has made her intentions perfectly clear, we don't meddle in your affairs and you don't meddle in ours.

      Have any of you read the constitutional draft? It is a very good constitutional draft. All and I mean all members of the assembly were present for five long months, why did the liberals and leftists not leave beforehand? Why suffer and work hard for many hours a day on something you don't believe in and why sign something you don't believe in? As far as we can see the signatures of liberals, christians and leftists is on over 80% of the articles in the constitution. Surely no one is going to come out and say they were forced to agree but now they changed their minds? Heck Amr Mousa is the one who wrote the very first article. I tell you before you judge a referendum I would suggest reading it.

      As for Morsi being anything like Mubarak, that is ludicrous, Sabbahi, Baradei, Mousa are more like Mubarak than Morsi ever will be, they are the ones with the audacity to talk about a people when they don't even represent the majority of that people. They are the ones who are affiliated with the previous regime and they are the ones who are forcing their decrees not just on the people but on the democratically elected president and when he put all that aside and told them to come discuss things and reach some sort of dialogue they were the ones refusing, they are the ones protesting outside the presidential palace for him to step down and sabahi to take his place. I mean honestly, if it wasn't my country, I would laugh at the ridiculous state of affairs.

  • Egypt's Morsi Backs down Slightly, but Opposition to Campaign against his Referendum
    • One thing is that you have repeatedly called the constitution a muslim brotherhood invention, when in fact all members of the party were there for over five months. Please realise that after each article is agreed upon it must be signed by all those attending, these signatures show members of the resignees, the constitution is in actuality not a work of the muslim brotherhood, that is unfair to the people who have worked hard in those past five months many of whom have absolutely no relation to the islamist faction.
      I agree with you that Morsi would have done well to have come out in public with the plot that called for the decree to come out, but I think the problem was one of distrust, he didn't know whom he could trust that is why the active dialogue that took place on Saturday showed him how many honest people in Egypt are willing to sacrifice their political leanings and their likes and dislikes for the sake of the country, he knows now who to trust. He is not a fool, he is countering a very real threat, we realise how real when we see one thousand wounded and by todays count so far eleven dead of his own party, one of whom is the son of his friend and neighbour.
      I think the next step is for Egyptians to realise how important it is to vote. You put the word elected members in italics, perhaps reason enough for people to vote yes? There are many benefits to a yes vote. for one thing the consitution is amenable to change, in fact the president has vowed that all disagreements that the political parties wish to change after they agree on them will be signed by him and duly handed to the new parliament.
      It is very important that a new parliament is formed. The rennaissance programme cannot be initiated and the country proceed to develop until we stop all the clashes and settle down to produce and work.

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