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  • 25 Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World
    • I've seen map #9 (highest paid state employee) floating around for a while now, but it's highly misleading. Most state universities that have big time football or basketball programs pay their coaches from private funds, not taxpayer money. They are state employees in name only. In fact, most of the athletic departments that are big enough to pay their football/basketball coach the highest salary on the state's payroll are entirely self-sufficient.

  • Is Michele Bachmann an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood?
    • "Some serious leaps of logic, but interesting nonetheless."

      I think that was the point.

  • Military-Salafi Clashes in Egypt Injured hundreds, Kill 1 Soldier
    • The case for linking the current Salafi movement in Egypt with al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya and EIJ of the 80's is tenuous at best. Those groups splintered from the Muslim Brotherhood, whereas the current Salafi movement appears to have evolved independently of the MB. The Nour Party's leadership represents factions that were largely apolitical under the previous regime and didn't play an active role in the Revolution.

      @Robert - What's odd is that the Nour Party never officially endorsed Abou Ismail when he was in the race. The party's rank-and-file supported him, but there seems to be some tension between Abou Ismail and the party's leadership. They've been very careful in their public statements to keep their distance from Abou Ismail. It's unclear why.

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