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  • Qaddafi's People's Temple
    • Juan,

      Have you had any contact with Libyan TNC leadership? Do you plan to? For a country with such a dearth of existing institutions, it seems like someone such as yourself could provide some valuable perspective. At the very least, I'm sure they'll be offered plenty of "help" from various Western parties and institutions, and you might make an effective intermediary.


  • Japan Nuclear Threat, Libya Oil Crisis, Highlight Need for Renewable Energy
    • You're correct, I didn't refute your assertions. As I said, I don't have time to engage in debate on this.

      My main reasons for commenting were to try to put the event in perspective, and to object to the insinuation that everyone who supports nuclear power is unscrupulous or is being underhanded.

    • Juan, I'm a big fan of your blog, but I don't dig this post. Full disclosure: I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2005 with a degree in Nuclear Engineering, and currently work for one of the major players.

      The media coverage of this event, particularly on Friday and Saturday, has been atrocious. Lots of hysteria and wild speculation from people who clearly know very little about the situation or the subject matter.

      People can be easily frightened by things that they don't understand. The media has been throwing around the word "radiation" and showing scary pictures of men in full-face respirators frisking children with geiger counters without providing any perspective.

      Radiation is part of life. You're being exposed to it right now. Please see this website for more information:

      link to

      This is still a fluid situation, but it appears to be nearing resolution. When the dust settles here, I suspect there will have been a few over-exposures to plant workers, one worker fatality from the hydrogen explosion, and a small, benign radiation release. The information that we have is that the radiation releases that have occurred have not posed any health risk to the public.

      This coming after a direct hit from one of the largest natural disasters in recorded history. I'm not going to take the time lo litigate your arguments against nuclear energy, but I think the safety record of Western-designed reactors speaks for itself. Any honest safety comparison of the last 40 year of nuclear power with coal, oil, natural gas, hydroelectric power, etc. will find nuclear energy winning. ...And this is 40 year old technology.

      I also take particular offense to this statement:

      Advocates for this industry use propaganda and corrupted ‘science’ in an attempt to cover up these obvious conclusions, an activity called “greenwashing.”

      *I* am an advocate for the nuclear industry. I have spent many years in good faith studying and working with this stuff. Please exercise some humility and civility when venturing outside your area of expertise.


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