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  • Egypt's new Cult of Personality: The Beatification of Saint Gen. al-Sisi
    • Below is a link to article on which regime is more autocractic: the Morsi regime or the current regime under Al-Sisi based on the Polity IV index that is used in political science research. Morsi, it seems, was incompetent but not an autocrat where is current regime is heading firmly in the direction of autocracy.
      link to

      As for who bought the British, probably the Saudis. Wait for a new purchase of British armaments anytime soon.

  • Egypt's "Revocouption" and the future of Democracy on the Nile
    • I think both the youth movement and the Muslim Brotherhood were outmaneuvered by the Old Guard. The power of the revolution that toppled Mubarak was that it combined the marketing prowess of the youth movement with the political muscle and organization skills of the Muslim Brotherhood. This combination removed Mubarak but the ancien regime simply withdrew and created space for the opposition. In the same way Bashar leveraged confessional differences to divide his opponents, the ancien regime in Egypt played on religious divisions. Both the Brotherhood and the youth movement fell into that trap and began to see their formal allies as existential enemies. As in the past, the ancien regime will first attempt to squash the Islamists. They will then snuff out the youth movement.

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