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  • Republican National Committee Slashes New York Muslim Cabbie
    • Steve, you wrote: "Because some people have a legitimate complaint about the triumphalist Cordoba Center being built near Ground Zero doesn’t mean they are “hatemongers.” There’s no climate of hate agains Muslims here.....There have been other mosques built in NYC with no protests from the right, so what makes this different? "

      As pointed out several times, there has been protests against the building of mosques in other parts of the country, including in Tennesee, California and Wisconsin. And to get back to New York, one guy went to a mosque in Queens, started calling everyone there a terrorist and then urinated on the prayer mats!

      And you're telling me that there is no climate of hate against Muslims?? Canyou explain these incidents??

  • Limited Israeli Easing of Gaza Blockade Greeted with Dismay
    • i was pleasantly surprised to read the Ian Lustick article. I read a pretty long article he had about the chanign of the Iron Wall policy and i thought that it was a new an fantasic angle to look at the conflict. He mentions in there as well about how Israel wants to further isolate itself from the Middle East, as he did in this article.

      You can read it from this link: link to

      I do my best to not be a cynic, and i can show you that regarding this post. Certainly, the "easing" of the blockade is not enough, but it's a good sign that Israel is feeling the pressure and international community is making some progress. My girlfriend told me to take whatever victories you can, so why shouldn't we be happy about this?

  • Turkey Shelves Israeli Cooperation,
    Considers breaking off Ties;
    Israel Lobbies in Congress denounce Ankara
    • sorry, i meant the give a counter example of Israel. But i think now that it's somewhat not needed, since we know that the Israelis haven't tried to reach out to the Palestinians, they try to haggle out of a fair agreement with them.

    • You're not wrong that the turkish government has a lot to explain for concerning the Kurds and the Armenians. But at the least this government is trying to reach out to them. The illegality of speaking Kurdish seems to be cut back, as there's a new TV channel in Kurdish. The Turkish President reached out to the Armenian President and involved even a friendly soccer math between the two countries. This current government is making the steps in the right direction, i just hope that they'll keep on going at it.

      That's the fundamental difference between Turkey and Israel.

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