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  • Turkey again goes down Path of the One-Party State
    • <(") when your Internet is listed as one of the world's most censored, when you have the world's highest proportion of journalists in jail, when police murder children out in the open for the crime of buying loaf of bread, when hundreds of boxes of opposition votes are thrown in the trash and the voting authorities refuse even to look, when the PM punches people in public and his aid kicks people on the ground, when the PM personally calls newscasters to dictate what will and will not appear on TV news and instead of news of the moment you get documentaries on penguins while news is blacked out, when every building project in the nation has to get approval from the PM, when pro-government demonstrations are bussed in at government expense, then you don't have democracy.

      some of history's ugliest tyrants were " popular " and Saddam Hussein, Qadafy, and tyrants like Kim Jong-un or the Chinese Communist Party or Asad in Syria or Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi have the same faux concrns for their oppressed Black and Muslim brothers in the USA.

      I can assure you Muslims in the USA don't have a president who accuses Muslim ladies with jobs of treason against the state, or Muslim ladies who use birth control of terrorism, not yet, and Muslim women in the USA don't get killed by their husbands and male relatives for "honor" (not yet).

      Only the worst criminals point to other's crimes as a cover or an excuse for their own. Winning an election is not "democracy". If it were than Hosni Mubarek or Mussolini or Slobodan Milošević would be the Olympic Gold Medal Hall of Fame champions of democratic heroism. Democratic is respect for law not iron fisted power.

  • Romney, and Aryan Racial Theory as a basis for Foreign Policy
    • it is hard to deny the fact that English is basically Anglo-Saxon. It contains some Scandinavian forms as well but is overwhelmingly anglo-saxon. ["good butter and good cheese is good English and good Fries" Fresian is spoken in Holland.] The England of Chaucer was not self identified as Celtic. Shakespeare's plays show us an English England with a complex complicated nuanced history integrating its celtic heritage but clearly English. As for Arthur. chivalry is about as foreign to celtic culture as it gets. So, although Romney is clearly completely tone deaf and color blind to his own racism, England is English

  • Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects while Obsessing about Birth Control
    • even if the ban on artificial birth control were affirmed by ecumenical council and the church commanded all catholic mothers to remain pregnant as much as possible and family a dozen kids each, still the church has no right to demand that the USA impose catholic law on the rest of us. no pope no priest no shaman no rabbi no rebbi mo mulla no dervish no medicine man no wuhipi no evangelist has the right to demand thev rest of us dance to the tune of their drum. women have a god given right to decide their own health. if priests and popes medicine men and mullas were forced to become pregnant and raise those kids themselves believe me their fetwas and ex cathedral pronouncements would change.

    • santorum rejects basic biological and scientific facts deemed to be true for catholics by pope pius XII [himself hardly a flaming liberal] in his encyclical.

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