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  • Colbert Report: Romney gives Americans 'Vague, Long-winded Threats' as Foreign Policy (Video)
    • I enjoyed the video!

      Although in real terms there is little difference between Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama. They both believe in "bad terrorists" (theirs) and "good terrorists" (ours), good weapons (ours) and bad weapons (theirs), and so on! Where do you stand?

  • Wagging the Dog with Iran's Maxwell Smart
    • You are spot on!

      To all of those who suggested that they won't fall for another WMD-yellow-cake-Niger story, including all the mainstream media...Here you go again! Incidentally, the same folks that fell for the WMD story bought the Kuwaiti Ambassador's daughter playing "Nurse-in-Kuwait" in front of Congress.

      If I may speculate....

      Having run the sanctions course and calculating the low odds of adding another round of sanctions at the UNSC against Iran, because of Chinese and Russian reluctance, the US+EU needed a way to ratchet up the pressure.

      The US+EU has already primed the pump at the IAEA for further spectacular fantasy in November.

      While the story about a Texan 007 is eroding, the story of IAEA will take over. The combined impact, the US hopes, will generate the needed momentum for additional pressure.

      It matters little that in six months or a year these fantasies will not pan out. What matters is that a "reality" will be created in order to justify aggressive and disastrous policies.

  • Turkey, Brazil Come out against new Iran sanctions at Security Summit
    • "The trick would be in convincing Iran’s ruling clerics that they would have more independence, not less, without the nuclear research program. "

      Why should any independent country give up its research program?!!

      This line of thinking is inconsistent with the many informed articles you have written.

      You should know very well that this whole charade is not about enrichment.

      Neither the Green movement nor any future indigenous democracy in Iran would be willing to give up their right to research in any arena -- as it should be.

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