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John Clark

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  • After 2008 Wall Street Crash, did US White Working Class Drink itself to Death?
    • When this study came out, I was afraid to share it on social media because I knew I would face backlash. It's my own demographic yet I know how the middle class liberal left sees working white folk. I hid by background for decades because these people can't see beyond stereotypes.
      I agree with the comment that many poor white folks don't vote. Far too often, class issues are talked about as race issues. While it's clear black & brown people face higher rates for all these issues, white working class people are missing when discussing them. We allow the right the narrative and dismiss white working class attempts to refocus these issues by closing them down because they don't know the proper PC speech required to have the floor among liberal left circles.
      Leonard Pitts did great work about a year or so back addressing white poverty in southern coal country. All the reasons white poor people are dying at higher rates were in this longform piece. There was a backlash from the white liberal left to it though. They blamed the poor folks for their situation instead of listening to the facts. I'm always there for BLM, PP, gun control, marriage, and all the other issues my middle class friends engage, but true solidarity is a two way street. MLK died because his next step was to unite all poor people into a campaign for real change. When we forget the 99% and only focus on issues, we lose who we need to make real change. And now we're seeing people die before their time because we've lost the plot.

  • Iran's Attendance at Syria talks in Vienna marks its Emergence as Regional Power
    • Assad use of chemical weapons made a lot of Iranians question their support. I look at the delegation it's sending and see hope for a breakthrough. Everyone coming has to give up something in order to manage the conflict.

  • Obama's Limited Options: Bombing Syria unlikely to be Effective
    • Ty. I didn't mean it literally.

    • Thank you Professor Cole. There are so many pithy pull quotes I can't decide which one to use when I share this. As we try to figure out just what just happened, I think it would tell us a lot just to know who lived in that neighborhood. I hate the term "false flag" because of its tin hattieness,but until we have UN evidence, we know nothing. Too bad our great arms inspector is "retired" back to Egypt. :-)

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