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  • Last Chance - Annual Informed Comment Fundraiser
    • I left TPM and Daily Kos when they broadened their content to the point that what originally brought me in was hard to find - literally started looking so much like all the other themes and articles that I needed to think much harder just to find the content unique to the original author's way of thinking. This seems to be a trap for the best bloggers. Naked capitalism and Common Dreams are about the last blogs that let me get what I'm looking for quickly.
      Professor Cole, your insights are legendary but I just don't see this format engaging me to follow you directly as contrasted with indirectly through other blogs.

  • Tim Berners-Lee Warns "Tide of Surveillance and Censorship" threatens Democracy
    • The proliferation of personal information will eventually overwhelm the NSA and Google and China and ...
      The sheer volume of how much we know about how other people think and act will make the old truth that information is power obsolete. Even now while our elders play with some dangerous information such as whether they are going to war the 99.9% are playing in a sunlit field of information that says we are all brothers and sisters.
      There may be more noteworthy "events" for the history books but the history books will be quaint in 20-30 years when we all know the events of history were just rigged to embellish some jerks ego.

  • A US attack on Syria will Prolong the War
    • Professor Cole:
      Could you define al-Qaeda for your readers.
      It seems to have gone from Afghanistan to all over the place but almost inconsequential to an entity you reference more frequently these days as if we should know its essence.
      Thank you for curating so much information for me and others.

  • The Ghost of Iraq haunts Obama on Syria as British Parliament Defects
    • Did Cameron asked to have his resolution defeated ?

      Did Obama ask Cameron to have the resolution defeated ?

      Both options strike me as politically desirable and appealing because they allow our leaders to practice their subterfuge skills.

  • Obama's Reassurances about Domestic Surveillance are not Reassuring
    • As a decided fan Professor Cole I would like to none the less register my disappointment in the above where he appears to speak to the President's state of mind:
      "This issue is a very difficult one for Mr. Obama"
      "Obama is concerned not to demoralize the analysts"
      "Obama is also aware of two dangers to his presidency"
      "Mr. Obama is a very busy man"
      Since I don't trust Obama one iota including his libertarian history, I recoil from such statements.
      I include the last quote as I think busyness is truly known only by the subject. Mr. Obama does not appear busy to me.
      My problem with anyone who assumes state of mind knowledge is that they are making it up. Someone reporting on their own state of mind is hardly trustworthy on that score. My especial problem for such on this blog is that it makes this blog look superficial to newcomers. You are 99% fact based or where opinion based the non factual nature of those statements is acknowledged. I think newcomers will welcome the wealth of knowledge to be found here if they don't shrink back from what sound like unsolicited Obama defenses.

  • Top Ten Ways US TV News are Screwing us Again on NSA Surveillance Story (Iraq Redux)
    • Where's the NRA on this ?
      Looks like the NSA knows where every gun in America is. Isn't that anathema to NRA members ?

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