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John Tinker

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  • Where is our Amsterdam? Lavabits, Snowden & Wikileaks Censorship recall age of Absolutism
    • The implication was that military personnel were prohibited to read the Guardian information, not just from the military computers, but from anywhere. Here is a quote:

      "A June 7 memorandum from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense to Defense Department security directors instructed them to warn employees and contractors that classified information posted on public websites was still considered classified.

      "Leadership must establish a vigilant command climate that underscores the critical importance of safeguarding classified material against compromise," it read.

      The letter from Director of Security Timothy A. Davis was sent to the Presidio and other military installations.

      An attachment to the letter instructs employees how to delete classified information if they accidently download it and warns of sanctions if they "proliferate the information in any way."

      link to

  • Has NSA Spying Killed US "Cloud" services, Email in Europe, Brazil?
    • The last paragraph of your piece, in which you facetiously hope that the firms will buy some congresspeople to help roll back the spying, seems the most signal to me. The fact is that the firms already own their stables of congresspeople, and it is not inconceivable that the democracy has already been lost. Now is the period when our understanding catches up with what once was humorous. Back then there was an assumption that it might be corrected. But lately, maybe not so much.

  • NSA says they can't reveal if they Spied on You because it would 'Help Our Enemies' (Larson)
    • They want to know more and more about us, and for us to know less and less about them. This is a direct and unsubtle attack upon the institution of democratic governance.

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