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Jordan Bishop

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  • Presidents shaking Hands with Dictators
    • The Cuban electoral system is a pyramid, modelled on the original system of the French revolution, which itself was copied from medieval religious orders: local communities elect delegates who then elect the next level, etc. Not perhaps a perfect model...but money can't buy Cuban elections. It should be noted that Fidel Castro's birth in Cuba is directly due to US pressure to "whiten" Cuba by encouraging immigration from Spain.

  • United States, Israel opposed Mandela, supported Apartheid
    • Cuban assistance to the Angola government was a key factor in ending Africaner hegemony. One of the first countries that Mandela visited after his release was Cuba.

  • GOP: No Climate Change because, Bible
    • This involves a double whammy: willful ignorance of climate change, and a profound ignorance of what the Bible is really about, how it was written, and when. I should highly recommend the work of Jacob Neusner, of Bard College, Ammondale-on-Hudson, on the idea of history in rabbinic Judaism.

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