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  • Step on it! Impala leaps into truck to escape cheetahs (Video)
  • How to Avoid Bush's Iraq Mistakes in Libya
    • The "Norway" solution to natural resources is a tried, tested and true mechanism. The combination of keeping natural resources in public hands with democratic institutions is remarkably successful and avoids "the Resource Curse" of dictatorships and civil war.

      For a successful developing world implementation have a look at Botswana - compare what it is like to neighbouring countries, have a look at where it started, and have a look at what it did differently.

      c.f., link to

  • Top Ten Myths about the Libya War
    • I'm sure a number of us had this experience. Many colleagues supposedly on the left, thought very poorly of those of us who said that the UN intervention was necessary and right.

      As a person who lived in East Timor during its transitional period, I was glad to see that the international community again realised the need for humanitarian intervention.

      I hope we never see another Rwanda. When a government is attacking civilians they have failed their responsibility to protect. Then the international community must step in. That is the only way to stop such slaughter.

      Oh, and if there ever was a case for a no-fly zone and international peacekeepers, it's Gaza.

  • Qaddafi Rule Collapsing as Rebels Take Brega, Zlitan
    • When the regime falls it will be very interesting indeed to discover what records are found concerning torture, disappearances, corruption etc.

      It will also be interesting to see what those on the political left who opposed this intervention say about such discoveries...

  • Tripoli Surrounded, Cut Off
    • Dear Behnam,

      The abuses by the rebels, whilst making no excuse for them, have been lesser in scale and quantity than those carried out by the Gaddafi-regime. We can also point out that the real rebel abuses were not part of a systematic campaign ordered by their leadership.

      Looting shops is the action of rogue behaviour, common in a warzone. Indiscriminate shelling and the use cluster bombs in civilian areas as an organised campaign is something quite different.

      We do recall at the very start of the UN action the Gaddafi regime agreed to a ceasefire - and broke it the very same day.

      From that point onwards it became clear that his word could not be trusted and for peace to occur there would have to be two parties genuinely interested in a ceasefire and negotiated settlement.

      Unfortunately that will not happen whilst Gaddafi is in power.



    • There was a recent report that Misrata was "liberated" by pro-Gaddafi forces, but it seems that only the UK Morning Star and the Gaddafi press have argued this - and, of course, the somewhat strange editors Information Clearing House.

      This seems to be false, but is it evidence of what will become wild and desperate claims from a collapsing regime?

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