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Majed Jarrar

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  • Will Houla be al-Assad's My Lai? Artillery Massacre of Children in Syria
    • 1. The footage I saw showed the bodies slaughtered with knives, there must have been a bloodbath carried by soldiers/militias, other than the bombing.

      2. the NATO and US had a big lesson from Libya, spent hundreds of millions on supporting the revolution. Nevertheless, the revolution ended with bringing Islamists with huge public support. They don't wanna lose again. Throughout 14 months of passiveness regarding brutality of Bashar's regime, They've made a clear message to the Syrian people, your revolution is D.I.Y.

  • Christmas Trees, Christmas Parties among Egyptian Muslims
    • No one said not to celebrate winter, it's my most favourite season!
      My argument is that the 25th of December has no significance whatsoever except to nations that perished!
      So, please celebrate winter, and all seasons, as you wish! but let's not follow particular rituals that we don't even know where they're from or relate to.

    • Muslims are ordered to celebrate Jesus Christ (may peace be upon Him) everyday in their lives through following his guidance and morals, as well as those of all prophets and messengers of God Almighty.

      All records of history confirm that Jesus Christ was not born in December. According to the Bible itself (Luke 1:5 through 2:8), Jesus was born in Spring or Summer. According to the Quran, Virgin Mary (may peace be upon Her) ate fresh dates from the palm tree as she gave birth to Him, which indicates it was summer.

      December 25th is a pagan holiday that traces back to the Romans. Why would anyone celebrate it?

      On the other hand, the messenger of God, Mohamed, may peace be upon Him, says in an authentic narration: "God has substituted these (holidays of other nations) with two better holidays for you: Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha."

      Celebrating other nations holidays and rituals is a strong sign of weakness and loss of identity of a nation, something that Muslims suffer from in many aspects of their lives.

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