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  • US Should Move Navy Base from Bahrain
    • Actually, Gursky takes photographs. They're often heavily digitally manipulated, but they're photos.

  • Death Penalty for Blasphemy Rare in Muslim World
    • Don't forget Mary Whitehouse's successful prosecution of a gay newspaper in Britain in 1979 for publishing a poem that speculated on the sexuality of Jesus.

  • Worst Reporting on Green Energy of the Week
    • I think you're being a bit too harsh here. Before I clicked through I was expecting something in the style of Fox News, but I don't think this qualifies. It certainly could have used some wider context, such as a comparison with places that have higher implementation of wind power. But all wind projects are not the same, and it is legitimate to ask if Ontario's approach is the right one, or if it is the right renewable to be pushing in that location. There's a reason people there call their power bills 'hydro bills', after all.

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