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  • Fox Smears Mursi with "Jerusalem Capital" Lie (Murphy)
    • Any particular reason you fail to mention that Higazi gave the speech at an MB rally for Morsi, and that Morsi himself was there? That's not relevant but the fact that Morsi has a PhD is?

  • Afro-Asia, Global South Reject Boycott of Iran
    • Pointing out facts which don't fit into your description is not "trolling".
      And your attempt to rebut the facts amounts to a total failure:

      "UAE annonced billions in electricity deal with Iran. Not boycotting." - What's your source for this? Press TV? There's no confirmation from the UAE for this supposed deal, which was announced solely by the Iranian side. You can't be taken seriously as long as you keep relying on Iranian news sources.

      "Japan makes polite noises but has asked for exemption from US unilateral sanctions, as has S Korea" - you do realize that according to the legislation passed late last year, countries will be granted exemptions once they reduce their imports from Iran by a substantial amount, yes? Or maybe you don't...

      "Avoiding US third party sanctions is not the same as actively boycotting" - as long as they're unable to do business with Iran, it amounts to the same thing.

    • This map is a joke.
      Not only is it factually incorrect (see below for multiple examples), it's based on the nonsensical idea that if a country states that it won't abide by US/EU sanctions that means that (a) its policy will be identical to its statements, and (b) its ability to trade with Iran will not be affected by US/EU sanctions.

      Angolan state oil company Sonangol has pulled out of a $7.5 billion natural gas project in Iran - why is Angola white?
      link to

      Japan may cut Iranian crude oil imports by a more-than-expected 20 percent as it seeks a waiver from U.S. sanctions - why is Japan green?
      link to

      UAE, Qatar Stop Trade Finance to Iran Over Sanctions - why is the UAE green?
      link to

  • Israeli PM Netanyahu attacks Gen. Dempsey as Servant of Iran
    • A little advice: Instead of copying what I write with question marks, try to refute the actual content of what I say. That's the way debate works.

    • Some more encouraging news for you to fret over:
      Japan, U.S. near deal on Iran oil import cut
      link to

      FYI, the next time you want to prove your point that Iran and China are close to a deal on more Iranian oil exports, you'd be wise not to use an Iranian source like the Mehr news agency. A supposed expert on the Mideast should know better.

    • Prof. Cole has reached a new low in his intentional distortion of what Israeli officials say, in an effort to support his warped version of what's going on in the ME.
      I'm no admirer of Netanyahu, but your warping of what Israeli officials have said is beyond belief. They *did not* say that Dempsey is a "servant of Iran", but rather that certain statements might serve Iranian interests.

      In any case, it's also important to burst your pathetic bubble about how everyone is ignoring the US sanctions on Iranian oil exports. From Reuters this morning:
      Exclusive: China, India plan Iran oil cuts of 10 percent or more
      link to

      Iran's bid for new crude buyers falls short in SE Asia
      link to

  • State of Alert in Egypt after Breach at Israeli Embassy
    • Very insightful analysis.
      @George: Baloney. Among the Israelis killed were two middle-aged women and their husbands. Not military personnel by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Turkey Crisis Provokes Israeli Army Anger at Lieberman
    • Newsflash: Turkey is nowhere close to becoming a member of the EU, and both Germany and France have essentially said that they will object to its accession. Its problems with Cyprus and the Kurds are an ongoing mess, which makes EU membership an even more remote possibility.

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