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  • Top Ten Myths about Afghanistan, 2010
    • My sense of our continued presence is two-fold and nothing to do with the facts on the ground and more to do with mission creep on the part of the Pentagon (ie full employment and something to do for an overbloated military) and a check to keep Patraeus from running for President.

  • Jahanpour: US following Israeli 5-Point Plan on Iran: Wikileaks
    • You raise very good points. Th one that most struck me was the uproar in our media about the Iranian elections, but very little comment about the travesty in Egypt. Similarly, the Hiatian elections were rigged before hand to eliminate any non supporters of the US, but the American media never covered this fact. W would be proud!

  • Obama fails to Galvanize the Youth on Daily Show
    • I think that one thing most often overlooked about Obama is the fact that he never has been by nature a rabble rousing populist, but rather a judge. He started his presidential bid during the last bubble and in my mind was positioning himself as the person who could bring the country together. After the economic crash he found himself in a situation totally unexpected by himself and his staff. I believe he is still trying to find his feet and slowly discovering the cruelty of his new position.

      FDR in comparison had three years prior to his presidency of severe economic times to develop his approach.

      For these reasons and the inherent racism of our country and the determination of the Repos to destroy him, I doubt his longevity of office. I hope it isn't so, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Suzuki: Our Global Economy is not Sustainable
    • Indeed! One thing lurking down the road is the depletion of cheap phosphorous in about 30 years. This isn't to say more isn't available, but thus far a cost effective replacement has not been found. Additionally, all the polluted runoff from here in corn country is killing the Gulf of Mexico.

      Another as reported in "Ominvore's Dilemma" is the fact that our corn production requires 10 calories input for each calorie of output. With rising energy prices, this is unsustainable until operations become more efficient.

    • I read two reviews on the book at Amazon which panned it. In your opinion is the book worth the $10 for the rental?

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