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  • Moroccan, Indian have lives Ruined by old, new Media, falsely Accused of Boston Bombing
    • Sunil Tripathi was missing before April 16th. I saw a poster asking for information regarding his whereabouts/sightings of him in the Somerville Central Library on around April 8th/9th.

  • Limbaugh and the best argument for Birth Control
    • That's a very naive approach, Gregory. Limbaugh has tremendous influence among the GOP base, especially the Tea Party segment. Words lead to actions.

  • Torpey: Support the Libyans but Don't Arm Them!
    • At some point the left wing is going to have to learn that you can't achieve anything by piously folding your hands and wishing on a star. You will never find a "perfect" bloodless operation to remove a tyrant, you will never find a perfect opposition who will immediately ask to become the next state in the Union. The world is a messy place, and if you want to try and improve it, you have to risk getting those delicate hands dirty. This is a fairly obvious feature of reality, but it seems to constantly escape the fantasists who demand miracles as well as lily-white consciences to order. There is no perfect choice here, just a question of what is the best option. If leaving Gaddafi to slaughter his people and then resume his career of maniacal delusion is the best the supposedly humane and gentle left can manage, one can only wonder why they bother to say anything at all.

  • An Open Letter to the Left on Libya
    • Superbly well said, sir. You have caught the dilemma faced by many on the Left, argued down those who are simply incapable of seeing the differences between this intervention and Iraq, and exposed a good deal of the whining on the Left as either groundless or hypocritical. The reason I no longer comment on or associate with sites like e.g. Balloon-Juice is that they refuse to think through their arguments, and have no plan for the future beyond deploying snark and clutching their pearls when Obama acts for the greater good of the global community. I have been and remain proudly of the Left, but I can no longer abide those who want the Left to be eternal victims of their own self-righteousness.

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