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  • Dear President Obama: Tar Sands & Keystone XL are more Dangerous than an Iranian Atomic Bomb
    • We can't expect corrupt government to solve this problem.

      People have the power to change this dynamic RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

      Anyone who believes that Mr. Cole is correct about the 15 years left to solve this problem (as I do) needs to get out of their car and start riding a bicycle. If you're too damn lazy to ride a regular bike then get an electric bike.

      Just get out of your damn motor vehicles. This addiction or belief that each one of is special and has special needs, is the PROBLEM.

      I need a car to get to work. NO YOU DON'T.

      I need a car to take care of my family. NO YOU DON'T.

      I need a car because.....Why? Because down deep we're all lazy and want to do the least work possible. And, because we figure it's governments job or the other guys problem we'll watch Big Oil ruin the planet.

      I'm totally disabled and on SSI. If I can get rid of my car and manage to do what I need to do by bicycle, what's your excuse?

      I'd really like to see a healthy planet for future generations. If you really think a motor vehicle is a God-given right YOU'RE the problem.

      Of course, this diatribe isn't directed at any of Mr. Cole's intelligent readership.

      Imagine the economic power of millions of people saying screw Big Oil, I"M GETTING OUT OF MY CAR.

      Anything worth doing is hard. Isn't this planet worth saving?

      Be the change you want to see!

  • Using up Everything Fast: Extractive Capitalism, Sealing and Muslim Slaves in Latin America
    • Here's where intelligent consumption and the power of the consumer can make important contributions.

      Specifically, I'm speaking about replacing extractive industries with hemp. Henry Ford knew exactly this when he produced his hemp-constructed car that ran on hemp oil in 1941.

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