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  • Top Ten Ways NRA Stole Christmas this Year
    • The "right" to gun ownership simply is a "right" that did not work out. Gun ownership must be re-cast now as a "privilege." Therefore, the Second Amendment -- which is a grammatical nightmare anyway-- should be repelaed and re-written.

  • Tax Deadbeat Romney Calls Working People Leeches
    • It is important to not "blame" this on Romney. The Republican Party will proclaim that the problem is Romney, he is/was just a bad candidate, with a bad campaign staff. NO! The problem is the ideology of the Republican Party, laid bare more in this election than ever before. When generalized-- less government, lower taxes, more individual freedom-- it has a surface appeal, but when these people really start saying what they believe ("legitimate rape," "47% of the people are deadbeats", "Obama is an apologist") it is very frightening.

  • Top Myths about Iran's Nuclear Enrichment Program
    • What is going on in Iran? I just cannot shake this feeling that Netanyahu is working from more factual intelligence than Juan Cole. 1. Ehud Barak and Benny Gantz speak for local/internal and immediate Israeli political reasons; certainly Barak has also been waving the sword, with Netanyahu. 2. The need for nuclear power for electricity did not temper the danger of Iraq. 3. It is imprudent to so easily discount the aggressive over-the-top, nasty statements of Khamenei & Ahmadinejad. Only one nation has ever used nukes in anger, maybe it should be disarmed by the world, first. 4. Fatwas can be lifted. 5. Religious doctrine can change. Fatwas can be lifted. 6. IAEA is not on the ground in Iran; I suspect Israeli intelligence is. 7. Only one nuclear power is truly frightening: India. 8. Argentina is not a military threat. 9. I often wonder if the Arab and Muslim world really, truly give-a-hoot about the plight of the Palestinians, and if, in fact, the Palestinians serve another and crass agenda for the power centers in the Muslim world...

  • Netanyahu in 1992: Iran close to having nuclear bomb
    • Iran could enter into a mutual defense treaty with its neighbor, Pakistan, a nuclear power; Iran agreeing to defend Pakistan if it is attacked by India, and Pakistan agreeing to defend Iran if it is attacked by Israel.

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