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  • Obama Plays Hardball and Egypt's Morsi Folds
    • wow Matt, thank you so much for your enlightened cooments. now please try to back any of it up. I'd like to see the room where President Obama the dumbest guy in the room! He's extemely intelligent, and has wisdom and expereince at this point. I bet you like to refer to him as a community organizer in your posts too, right? But please, do come back and educate us. I can't wait to be as smart or as informed as you. Tell Rush we said "hi".

    • Cognitive dissonance is a hallmark of the far right. It stops their heads from imploding.

    • Thank you for reading my mind, Jeff. Well said!

    • huh???

    • Your flailing rhetoric could be straight from foxnoise. This insipid talking point about the POTUS missing natl security meetings is laughable. Don't you realize that he is briefed daily? He doesn't have to be in the room where the meeting is taking place any more than a person in the professional world needs to be in the office to do work - at least not since the mid-90s.

      Foriegn policy is NOT managed like a Rush Limbaugh show. You don't get anywhere with bluster, false indignation, or saber rattling. This seems to be what the t-baggers equate with strength. It is not. They remind me of a punk who has just started training in the martial arts and thinks they need to pick fights with everybody just to prove they can. In reality, they know just enough to get their asses kicked. I prefer the approach of a seasoned black belt. Walk confidently, speak softly, yet articulately. People tend to respect that a whole lot more. Try to act like an adult, and tune into NPR or BBC once in awhile to remind yourself how the adults conduct themselves.

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