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  • Surprises of the Tunisian Election
    • Off the top of my head, I'm going to draw an analogy between America/Tunisian politics and American/Asian telecommunications technology. In the communications area, one big reason America is behind Asia is that Asian infrastructure is much newer. In America, we have billions of dollars worth of old copper wire overhead and under the streets that the phone companies want to keep using.

  • Iran Business Partners: Cheney & Reagan, not Just the Koch Brothers
    • p.s. The more time goes on since it was first published in the 1970's, the more Doris Lessing's "Memoirs of a Survivor" seems like prophecy rather than fantasy.

    • You might be right, but at the scale these scammers are working, how much longer can western civilization last? There's not much money left among the 99%, forcing us to come up with new systems altogether in order to have lives, assuming that global warming doesn't catch up with the 100% first. The 1% may be powerful, but I don't think they have a way to live in underground cities or on other planets.

  • Thomas Jefferson in Arabic
    • Islamic civilization deserves a great deal of credit for the Renaissance. They reintroduced Aristotle and other earlier knowledge.

      And remember that Jesus was a Jew living in the Middle East, not in Berlin or Paris, and before that, Moses and Abraham lived and taught n the same region.

      Islamic fundamentalism, like Christian and Jewish fundamentalism, is a travesty of the real teachings of these religions. Al Qaida represents Islam like the Ku Klux Klan represents Christianity, or like JDL founder Kahane represents Judiasm.

      When Christian and political demagogues who get so much airtime finally get unmasked and ignored, then we'll have a chance for peace.

  • MSNBC's Phil Griffith the Worst Person in the World, as Olbermann Joins Donahue, Banfield
    • You're better off not knowing. Stick to PBS, NPR, Free Speech Radio/TV and community stations.

    • At least the Roman Empire wasn't able to pull the whole world down with it when it fell. I hope there's a "conspiracy of good" working on a remote device that will disable nuclear weapons by pressing a few buttons. Or maybe it's been done already...

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