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  • Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris
    • I suggest readers contrast NATOs strategy of tension/ stay-behind operations with sharpening contradictions/ heightening contradictions.

      I'd value Mr. Cole's comparison between these two and their relevance and similarities in today's most violent and high stakes foreign affairs between the US allies and those who are not.

    • I'm mostly grateful for Mr. Cole's blogging. This well written article gets a useful unique discussion going, raising some points the mainstream avoids, yet it places most of the attention on Muslims (deserved, partly), especially the obvious, Al Qaeda (who's backing ties to US and its allies), as we are dutifully expected based on what is provided by the media (the show) and what "officials say". (compare this to the medias treatment of non-Muslim terror attacks in the US--usually they disappear within a day or week)

      Recall the history of other violent attacks throughout Europe, especially Turkey, Italy and Greece, but also Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Finland, following WW II by NATO stay behind forces and ultra-violent nationalists. Allegedly this collusion was supposed to prevent residual Soviet influence, but also to turn public opinion against socialism and communism. It was terrorism that killed innocent people and put the blame on the wrong people. Yet they were being offed and harmed by their own government-not the Commies. It is clear, however, it helped justify NATO, US staying behind-forever-, arms deals galore, spying, and of course making financiers even richer than they did off WWII. On the other hand, resources towards social causes and an anti-Capitalism ethos would be diverted more than they otherwise could.. Remember, post-WWII, Europeans had unprecedented social and infrastructure needs, and the war of Fascism against Socialism NEVER did end, in Europe or America, or elsewhere for that matter.

      Yet Mr. Cole incorrectly selects Stalinists false flags, then other Islamist false flags, but makes NO mention of the stay behind attacks that went on for decades in Europe.
      Look up stay behind and Operation Gladio. Then think about the mysteries of ISIS, the mischief of Israel and the US in Africa and the Lebanon and elsewhere, e.g., the former Soviet countries-Yugolavia, Ukraine, Georgia. Daniel Ganser wrote about this. Sibel Edmonds and the Corbett Report discusses stay behind forces in Europe, esp Gladio and Turkish variations often, too. Heck ,look these subjects up in Wikipedia, or YouTube. Scary subversive unsettling and all too close to home. Relevant to today's terror, too. Is that why it's not discussed in the mainline? What say you Mr. Cole?
      And do we really know who did this because the perps yelled out who was responsible? Works in the old Hollywood films, but then, they always made the yellow, brown, black and REEL Bad Arabs REEL Injuns out to be the REEL real bad guys.

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