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  • Top Ten Ways Islamic Law forbids Terrorism
    • It is far, far easier to lecture and reassure Western liberals that Islam specifically teaches peace than it is to convince some prominent Islamic scholars and a significant percentage of Muslims that Islam sanctions war.

      In fact, Islam like Judaism is a complicated legal system with no central authority. I think Tariq Ramadan is most articulate (and honest) on this subject when he says Islam deals with humans and humans can be violent and peaceful.

  • Isaac Asimov Predicts Interactive Internet 25 Years Ago
    • When I was a kid in the late seventies I told my friends that my aunt could type on a keyboard in her laboratory at Princeton and it would appear on her friend's computer at UCLA. None of my friends believed me.

      This is still a brilliant extrapolation, and perhaps still new to a general audience at the time he spoke, but it is not a prediction.

  • Top Ten Silver Linings for Democrats in Wisconsin Outcome
    • This is denial and it too (after the loss itself) bodes terrifyingly for November.

      Political parties that become cultish echo chambers are always on their way to defeat.

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