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  • 'We're on edge of large war in MidEast' - Daniel Ellsberg
    • The Israeli government advised Kerry and Indyk that it has no intention of allowing a Palestinian state. It responded to their willingness to talk with a unity Palestinian government by attacking Gaza and stepping up West Bank colonization.

      What's the US to do, in order to follow Israel's direction? Start a new war, which provides cover for Israel to step up the pace of its "slow genocide" of Palestinians (term used by many Israelis).

      The option of disagreeing with Israel and pursuing an independent policy does not exist, for the US. That continues to be the real story: that the US is effectively a colony of Israel when it comes to Mideast matters.

  • Gaza's Children Trapped by Israeli Airstrikes, Naval Bombardment, over 20 Dead
    • Israel’s siege of Gaza and its bombardment of civilians from the air with US support is shocking. Just calling Palestinians “Hamas” is a rotten reason to kill civilians and destroy their property. This is an obvious attempt by Israel to prevent Palestinians from unifying to demand their own state and stop continued Israeli colonization of the West Bank.

      As racism grows in Israel and it becomes an apartheid state, its lobbyists continue to control Congress. Both the House (HR 657) and Senate (SR 498) have passed resolutions “supporting Israel”. What does this mean? Are they supporting Israel’s self-destructive behavior? Isn’t the old routine now anti-Israel?

      "Liberal" Barbara Boxer sponsored SR 498. Call and write her and tell her that she is WRONG.

      Both John Kerry and Netanyahu have talked about the BDS movement, in which we can all participate, by publicly shunning the current Israeli government and rejecting its policies. Stop buying Israeli products; this is the most pro-Israel thing to do. Send a message that Israel’s behavior is unacceptable.

  • Israeli Rhetoric Hides War Crimes against Gaza
    • This is quite insane, Alice in Wonderland. Jets bombing civilians, and getting away with it by calling them "Hamas".

      It would like Palestinians attacking Israeli Jews and calling them "Likud".

      So why are we supporting Israels moral self-destruction? Is this supposed to be pro Israel?

  • 5 Reasons India's new BJP ("Tea Party") Government may not be so Great for Business
    • Modi is India's Ariel Sharon moment.

      Sharon allowed the killing of Palestinians, and Modi allowed the killing of Muslims. Sharon signaled the decline of Israel as a liberal state, and Modi will do the same for India.

      The three countries with repressed ethno-traditions....Israel (Jews), India (Hindus) and China (Han Chinese) will make the world a miserable place for Western liberal traditions.

      This is what the decline of the West and the rise of Asia really means.

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