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  • Senate Bill Allows Arrest of Americans by Military Anywhere
    • The law that started this insanity is Public Law 107-40 which is the bane of our existence and should not be ignored as it has been for 10 years. However, I understand, because it really is a near-perfect stealth war law.

      This law sorta-declared war against enemies to be named later. (Now, you don't think lizard-brained politicians would take advantage of that?)
      Bush named al-Qaeda and the Taliban so as to invade Afghanistan.
      Obama named al-Qaeda 'affiliates' so as to invade everywhere else.

      The goal for the US military in this sorta-war was set as, get this, the prevention of future terrorism.
      Evidently, our victory parade will occur once the US military has forever prevented all future terrorism by all future enemies.
      Let's plan for 3 pm, then, shall we?

      The MIC uses this state of 'continuous war' to scare the sheeple, suppress the angry who gather in parks to complain, and to subjugate those who live where there are yummy resources to steal.

      The Patriot Act brought this insane and DAFT war home to the Homeland. This new Senate legislation will bring it home to you.

      You are a potential future terrorist.
      There are millions of Americans being paid to find and defeat future terrorists and who want bonuses and promotions and awards.
      You do the math.

      DAFT - the Defense against Future Terrorism
      (because we don't use MIC-terms like GWOT or WOT.)

      I suggest strongly that we end this insane DAFT war before it ends us.

  • Would Obama Greenlight an Israeli Attack on Iran?
    • Depending on a single vulnerable individual (Obama) to deter the crazies from igniting the Armageddon is a strategy with a fatal flaw. The US citizenry has an important part to play here.

      I suggest that we go back to the law that started this insane and DAFT war to prevent future terrorism (everywhere and forever, otherwise the future terrorists will win).

      Public Law 107-40 gave to the President the authority to use the US militaries to prevent future terrorism by our enemies. And so the USA invaded Afghanistan to prevent any more terrorism by al-Qaeda and the Taliban (and Mr. Obama added 'al-Qaeda affiliates' to our enemies list, and now there's a secret list...).

      And what is America doing at this moment?
      Thinking about getting dragged into a war to prevent future nuclear terrorism by Iran.
      Well, the US President has that authority by law, except that Iran is not an official enemy of ours, yet.

      So, as soon as someone connects the dots into a mesmerizing picture to incite the masses, Iran+nukes=terrorism, the US President is authorized to take us to war yet again.

      I suggest that we do something about this law rather than just ignore it to our detriment.

      The potential good news is that when some crazy or zealot sets things off, we may finally get the answer to what happened to Cheney's missing nuke cruise missile.

  • McChrystal Drama is Sideshow;
    Can Obama define a realistic Goal?
    • Richard J McKenzie 06/23/2010 at 9:32 am

      - Obama does not have a realistic, sharply defined set of goals in Afghanistan -

      The problem is the original declaration of war against terror, Public Law 107-40 (AUMF).
      'preventing future terrorism by our enemies' (al-Qaeda and the Taliban, as named by Pres. Bush). That war goal is unachievable. It is unmeasurable. Even so, it is law. It is still law, no matter how hard everyone ignores that fact.
      Pres. Obama 12/01/09 - 'that authorization is still in effect.'

      Congress has the responsibility to revisit this law instead of ignoring it for oh these long 9 years of insanity. It is not totally Pres. Obama's responsibility.

      Many people call for a return to the law. I agree totally. I point to this law as the first law we need to return to.

      Public Law 107-40, AUMF -- a perfect stealth war law. The titles are innocuous, the goal is unachievable, the enemy is unnamed. If someone meant to start a forever war, this law was the perfect way to do it. I point to the number of names that have been given to this insanity as further evidence that America is lost in a fog of wars because the danger of this law, so similar in timing to the Reichstag Fire Decree, is ignored.

  • Obama's MacArthur Moment? McChrystal Disses Biden
    • Richard J McKenzie 06/22/2010 at 10:00 am

      I suggest that the answer to our dilemma is to be found by a return to the law, a course that Dr. Cole has advocated.
      The particular law that we should begin with is Public Law 107-40, which set into legalistic stone the insane mantra that the US military would prevent future terrorism by enemies to be named later by a President. I suggest that this is a real problem.
      The US military, by law, must prevent future terrorism by al-Qaeda and the Taliban. This goal, this victory condition, is impossible to achieve. America is trapped in a war against future enemies.
      There is no victory possible and defeat is unmentionable (until the casualties mount up too high to ignore).
      There are no exit strategies under the rules - therefore the rules must be changed, to allow a possible exit strategy. Public Law 107-40 has been ignored for 9 years, and look at where we are.

      I further suggest that we stop referring to this insanity as any of the following:
      the global war on terror
      the war on terror
      the war in afghanistan
      the war in afghanistan that is also fought in pakistan, or
      the separate war in pakistan
      the long war
      the war against terrorists
      the war against al-qaeda in all the different countries where we fight them
      the war against islamo-fascism

      We should call it what it is - the DAFT war, Defense against Future Terrorism

  • Petraeus Memo Widens scope of US Military Covert Operations in ME
    • Richard J McKenzie 05/25/2010 at 11:04 am

      Pres. Obama's speech, 12/01/09:
      "Just days after 9/11, Congress authorized the use of force against al Qaeda and those who harbored them -- an authorization that continues to this day."

      Public Law 107-40. The President talks about it. I talk about it. Why doesn't everyone else?

      - We still can be a country of laws, not men, can’t we? -

      Do something about Public Law 107-40 and the insanity will end.

    • Richard J McKenzie 05/25/2010 at 9:59 am

      - ...a government of laws, not men... -

      That is why we should look for the solution to this insanity in law.
      Public Law 107-40.
      Congress declared war against enemies to be named later.
      Bush named al-Qaeda.
      Congress set the mission for the US military as 'preventing future terrorism' by our enemies.
      Everything can be explained by the US military having to prevent future terrorism, as set down into law by Congress.
      This, of course, is insane. The US military can never complete this mission, and thus there will never be any exit strategies, only entry strategies to find and kill potential future terrorists.
      Every country deals with future terrorism but only America declared war.
      That's insane. That's Public Law 107-40.

  • Israel offered Nukes to Racist South Africa for Use on Black Neighbors
    • Richard J McKenzie 05/24/2010 at 9:53 am

      While we're discussing the illegal and immoral proliferation of ABC weapons:

      'Anthrax Epizootic in Zimbabwe, 1978-1980: Due to Deliberate Spread?'
      'it is suggested here that a plausible explanation for the sudden peak of anthrax in the Tribal Trust Lands beginning in November, 1978, is that one or more units attached to the Rhodesian military may have air dropped anthrax spores'
      (link to

      'the CIA had maintained a small stockpile of biological agents and toxins in violation of Nixon's ban' (1970).

      What a coincidence in the time lines.

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