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  • "Argo" as Orientalism and why it Upsets Iranians
    • professor, did you know that the CIA coup of 1953was plotted from US Embassy in Tehran? This has a great bearing on why US Embassy was seized in 1979. Iranians are used to the mendacity which is called US Foreign Policy. Just read Kinzer's account of US Ambassodor Henderson lying to Mossadegh's face regarding demonstrations in Tehran the day before the coup in his all the Shah's men. The old man was duped by American professed anticolonialism. If Mossadegh had read just one book on American history, the course of Iranian history would have been different, I bet.

  • Why the Senate should Confirm Chuck Hagel as SecDef
    • Professor, with e respect,which Chuck Hagel are
      you referring to? He seems to have recanted almost everything he stands for. First was a meeting with Schumer and incredible compromises that he made there. (We have only Schumer's account of the meeting, but it must be true since Hagel didn't deny what Schumer said.) Then there was a meeting with jewish leaders in White House on 1/19. He recanted even more and bent over backwards. He really, seems to want the job badly. One can't blame him either since his boss took to a run when Bibi pushed him back.

      If Obama wanted a really different defense policy, he should have selected Ron Paul! I bet Hagel will not even have the freedom of Gates now that he has made all those promises and retreated from most of his positions.

  • Top Ten Reasons Chuck Hagel Should be Secretary of Defense
    • I am sick and tired of those who try to bend backwards to show that they are not against Israel by telling that peace is to the benefit of Israel. Israel ethnically cleansed Palestinians, annexed the lands on which they were supposed to have a state according to the pratition plan and continues to settle, colonize blockade and oppress. Stating that peace is to the benefit of Israel is pandering. And now the whole world is begging her to be nice. What the world should demand is return of the refugees, return to 1948 plan or accept a single democratic state with Palestinians, give up allthe land taken by force including the the Golan heights. Any thing else means that you can get away with ethnic cleansing and colonizing. Not a good omen for the future of mankind if we appease offenders, I say. In fact, since there is no map of Israel that is definite, who can tell if more jews immigrate into Israel, Israel will not have territorial claims to Jordan and other Arab lands? Can you vouch that it won't?

  • Top Ten Likely Consequences of Muslim anti-US Embassy Riots
    • I was referring to the peaceful protesters. But your point is perhaps mute in case of Libya. Al-qaeda announced that they attacked Empassy to revenge Bin Laden. If this is the case, then it had nothing to do with the protest. The fog and frenzy of the protest gave them the opportunity.

      Freedom of assembly is a fundamental right. Morsi has already been acting like a dictator.

    • 1- Of course, the violence in Libya should be condemned. Any loss of life is regrettable, and it is interesting that the 10 or so Libyans who died defending the embassy are not even mentioned. As usual the lives of brown people don't count that much, if any, in the mainstream media. They are cheapt.
      2 - It is true that religion has been and is being manipulated by the autocrats in the region as well as new so-called Islamist parties, but as we defend freedom of speech here, we should allow the freedom to protest there. In other words, some of the protestors could have been quite genuinely concerned about insults to their core religious beliefs. Just as we don't want to put the guy who made the trailer in jail, don't expect Morsi to condemn the protests.
      3 - Let's also not be too sentimental about US Embassies. Yesterday, the secretary of state called them as kind of "sacred" places where the only business they are in is kind of cultural exchanges!! Not true for an Embassy of a superpower. For example, US Embassy in Egypt ran the show when Mubarak was in power. US Embassies have been centers of espionage and that is not even denied. If you read Kinzer's book "all the Shah's men", you will see how the 1953 coup was engineered and run from US Embassy. Other examples abound. Don't expect people to forget all the history and fall in love with Uncle Sam, folks.

  • Romney Jumps the Shark: Libya, Egypt and the Butterfly Effect
    • We often forget that Middle East is not just composed of Islamists but a great number of secularists even atheists as the history attests. And they find the extremist Islam dangerous and detrimental to their well-being and future of the region. Having said that, there is a collective amnesia in America about history. Witness H. Clinton who lamented that this incident happened in a country that we helped liberate. But excuse me Madame, the secularist says, we do not share your amnesia; we see the historical injustices you have brought upon us. Only 4 Americans were killed in this unfortunate incident - and loss of any life is regrettable - but dozens are killed by drones every week.

  • Top Ten Clint Eastwood Empty-Chair Falsehoods
    • Professor, there is common historical amnesia about so-called Bosnian moslems in the media that you keep repeating. Only after years of siege of Sarajevo, genocide of Srebnica and the like, America acted and even that with lots of caveats. Everyone was waiting for leadership of president Clinton and it wasn't forthcoming for long time. We even opposed the badly needed arms for Bosnians to help themselves becasue the arms were provided by Iran. Our shallow media outlets can't be blamed for not knowing history, but we would not expect that from an astute historian like you.

  • The Muslim World Sounds off on Bin Laden's Demise
    • I can't speak for Hamas and I don't like them, but they are wary of assasinations as they have ben carried out against them by Israel for all these years. Extra judicial killings , that is what they are called. If you wait a little bit, you will know more about the circumstances. Today, it is in NY Times that he was unarmed and put up no resistance contray to earlier reports. Probably as a pro Israeli ideologue you want to use any news you get your hands on to bash Hamas. My point is that people should wait until the dust settles and they can see beyond the spin.

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