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  • Massive War Crimes: Syrian Regime Tortured, Starved, Murdered 11,000 Prisoners
    • How about stopping the funding of the jihadists fighting to overthrow Syria?

    • You mean the former British Empire, and the USA, who specifically targeted, tortured and murdered 70,000 civilians in Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, and has helped kill millions of people in the Middle East since 1979 alone?

      Those types of countries?

      I think they need to focus on their own war criminals and, as the UN recommended, stop planning and funding the slaughter in Syria right now, which is part of their operation to weaken an Iranian ally before moving on to attacking Iran.

      They don't hide these plans. They are empire-building, neo-colonial style. The USA has bases in virtually every Mid Eastern country except Syria and Iran. It's not a coincidence that the West constantly lies to create pretexts to invade and attack these countries, but mentions nothing about their insane dictatorial allies like the child torturers of Bahrain and the terror supporters of Saudi Arabia. The "great powers" just want control of Mid East oil. This has been planned by the USA since 1945. US and UK started working for regime change in Syria in 1957, right after they overthrew Iran's democratic parliament, installed a king into absolute power, and took 40% each of Iran's oil. You are a fool if you think the "great powers" have humanitarian motives.

      When resources were discovered on Native American lands that the USA promised the natives could keep, the USA then cleansed the natives from the land and took it for "national security". The USA has simply moved to doing this on a global scale.

      The "great powers" need to prosecute their own war criminals and stop committing crimes. That's what would help bring about peace.

    • Google search "Hague Invasion Act"

    • This is almost 1/6th as bad as the USA's operation Phoenix in Vietnam, for which the USA specifically targeted, tortured, and murdered 70,000 civilians, and tortured or disappeared a total of 80,000.

      Before venturing out, the USA should go ahead and get the prosecutions of its war criminals involved in these and its much worse crimes going, then think about recognizing the ICC, then, once it gains some international credibility and respect, think about helping other countries prosecute war criminals, and in actual trials, not the predetermined farces the US put on with Milosevic and Hussein, where they wouldn't let Hussein be tried for gassing the Iranians and Kurds because US complicity would have been brought up.

      And this is of course not to mention that the US started training proxy terrorist armies to destabilize and overthrow Syria in 2007, and Obama continued the plans verbatim.

      Over 100,000 US-backed deaths and counting.

  • Top Ten Ways Ariel Sharon Ruined Israel and the Middle East
    • Joe from Lowell:

      Unfortunately that is nothing but empty rhetoric. Since then Obama has not only continued to Veto the two state solution in the UN, but in his mere five years has vetoed almost 30 resolutions condemning Israel or calling for justice for Palestine.

      He has also personally mandated a 250,000,000 dollar a year increase in US aid to Israel, which was already the biggest recipient of US aid. This is after Israel's 2009 massacre of Gaza, in which they used chemical weapons on civilians, and after Israel's massive increases in illegal settlement expansion during Obama's terms .

      We have to look at actions, not simply believe lies from politicians. It's not what they say, it's what they do.

      This is especially true for Obama, whose rhetoric is easily exposed as simple lies by his actions.

      Here is a list of Obama's crimes and depravities:
      link to

    • Sure.

      Since 1967 there has been international legal and public consensus that Israel must withdraw from the Palestinian territories it illegally occupied and blockaded - Gaza, West Bank, East Jersualem. Every authoritative body in the world supports the consensus.

      Only two groups in the world are opposed: the US and Israel. The US is blocking the international democratic consensus through its support for Israel's ethnic cleansing, colonization, and aggression campaign.

      Here are more details:
      link to

  • Top 10 errors in Netanyahu's Speech Demanding Iran give up 'Genocidal' Policies
    • A couple of things not quite so informed... :)

      "when all the indications are that it [Iran] simply wants a breakout capacity"

      Interesting interpretation of the UN and all 16 US intelligence agencies saying multiple times that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons. What are your "all indications"? Do they come from the US NIE reports that confirm Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons, despite desperately wanting to find that it is?

      "The Israelis then dropped a million cluster bombs on the south of the country"

      It was four million. This was the single most dense saturation bombing in history, pushing out the former leader, the USA, and its dropping of 20 million cluster bombs over a wider area of Iraq in 1991.

      "what is amazing is that most Palestinians there put up with what Netanyahu has done and is doing to them with so little protest."

      Not amazing at all, considering they have been ethnically cleansed and crushed by Israel for over 60 years straight, since 1967 thanks entirely to the funding and backing of the USA.

  • The American Genocide Against Iraq: 4% of Population Dead as result of US sanctions, wars
    • If this is not genocide, then neither is the Al Anfal campaign (which the US also supported all the way through). Hussein was doing that to eliminate any potential resistance, not because he hated Kurds, per se.

      Yesterday I happened to try to map out Iranian deaths for which the US government has complicity, vs. US citizen deaths for which Iran has complicity. It turns out:

      US citizen deaths allegedly supported by Iran: Roughly 300

      Iranian deaths supported by US: Roughly 1,070,300

      The US is racking them up by the millions. USA! USA!

      link to

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