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  • Jimmy Carter: I send Landmail because of NSA Surveillance "Abuse"
    • That's a myth, professor.

      That's what they said, at the time, but in reality President Carter's suggestion is way behind the curve. The 4th Amendment has been defacto abrogated by the Supreme Court's intentional misinterpretation of the Amendment in the name of National Security. They photograph all pieces of mail and run each piece through various types of analysis.

  • Egyptian Junta designates Muslim Brotherhood as "Terrorist Organization" in Attempt to Crush Dissent
    • I absolutely regret supporting the coup. Everything the anti-coup side said would happen did. It makes me want to be wary the next time the far right reaches out to liberals, because usually when right-wingers do that they use them as a prop in the name of unity til they win and then turn on them the minute they aren't needed anymore. (Egypt 2013, Iran 1979).

      Keep in mind if discontent continues to rise among progressives here in America many of them will be drawn to the siren song of people like Alex Jones and such. Already he gets a significant number of progressive guests on his show who fall for his fake rhetoric pretending toward unity, all the while I'm certain if he had the chance he would use the NDAA to arrest anyone he disagreed with.

      We have to defend American democracy and preserve our rights before it gets to the point of revolution, because if it gets there whatever happens will almost assuredly be hijacked by our own junta, whatever face or shape it may take.

  • Invoking International Law Against Obama: Old Europe, New Europe and NeoCon Fail
    • The UN is unraveling along with the whole Post-WW2 system. Soon the basis of Globalization will be gone because Globalization requires everyone to follow equal rules and the race to the bottom is dragging the whole system down that was designed for governments to have power and protect individual countries from economic, political and societal shocks through various means.

      We will see a Renaissance of countries and most international organizations will either metamorphosize into nations (like the GCC, maybe the EU) or dissolve.

      NATO is America's Delian League and it's on it's way out for sure.

  • Dear Royal Baby: We Americans apologize for our Revolution; please be our Absolute Monarch
    • Thank you so much for this piece Professor. It seems more and more that the political class of our country openly wants to abandon the principles of this country and instead emulate a modern version of the British Empire and I've tried to explain that to people to no avail because I just couldn't quantify it as well, but your piece has captured it perfectly.

  • Brotherhood, Army risk Civil War: 30 Dead, Hundreds Wounded
    • Honestly, this is not true and is a complete load of bullshit. The Republicans fantasize about the American people doing this every single day, which is why they purposefully resist any legislation which might infuse the American people with a feeling that government can actually work. If you can't realize that you are burying your head in the sand.

      And for the record, I still refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the evil Bush regime of war criminals or their unlawful, un-Constitutional treasonous policies, namely torture and illegal, aggressive warfare, not to forget illegal spying or the witch-hunt against Gov. Don Siegelman.

    • Certainly, no system is immune from coups, but a parliamentary system would be far simpler and more responsive to shifts in opinion. Then again, with the world going faster and faster every day, terms should be shorter, because long terms are an invitation to turn machinery of state into a fiefdom.

  • Egypt: One Soldier Dead, 3 Wounded, as Muslim Brotherhood Clashes with Army, Secularists in Provinces
    • The shameless apology for Morsi's dictatorship is infuriating, because all these armchair Islamists know that their ideology makes places unbearable for "normal" non-Islamist people to live and they simply don't care. There can be no democratic system as long as Islamists are allowed to participate. Here's hoping the Army can place a permanent German-style Constitutional ban on these moronic busy-body piety-obsessed power-mad freaks. Their opinion has no value and is in itself an offense against normal human beings who understand that most people just want to live without being harassed by bearded sociopaths who appoint themselves as the new Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him, even though I am an atheist, because I know his followers are not his fault).

    • Tahar, the Egyptian Army and the Egyptian state will triumph over the Ikhwan because it is they who were subverting democracy to establish a new dictatorship and end Egypt's time-honored culture of religious pluralism.

      It's disgusting that Ikhwan supporters are responsible for this and yet bleat on and on about "democracy".

      You made your bed, now lay in it.

  • Millennials take over Qatar, but Real Change has Yet to be Accomplished
    • That was exactly what I said, Professor. If they wanted to add new citizens they would add cultural relatives but because they don't want to, they brought in Filipinos and Indians (who I might add, they treat horribly, but that's a feature not a bug).

      Youth doesn't always mean modernity either, look at how the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb basically flushed the achievements of the three emperors before him down the toilet because he viewed them as effete heretics.

    • Sheikh Tamim is supposedly a Salafist who thinks his own father is a heretic and is too soft. Keep dreaming Professor Cole, because none of the things you suggest are remotely plausible, especially in light of the Al Thani-Al Saud family feud and the fact that the Saudis basically installed Tamim because the GCC is basically the Saudis' Warsaw Pact and Qatar under King Hamad was basically like Hungary in 1956 (starting to break off the leash).

      As far as the immigration goes I personally don't understand why they don't deport the Indians and Filipinos and bring in people from the other Arab states, at least then there wouldn't be as many linguistic/cultural absorption issues. But then again the reason they import outsiders is because they specifically don't want to add new citizens. It's obvious: They want the labor, not the people.

      The idea that Qatar would ever decide to adopt an American-style immigration policy is hilarious because it would never ever happen. Ever. Overnight all those Indian "citizens" would essentially render the native Qatari population meaningless by sheer population numbers and suddenly the Indian Union would be adding a new state, or worse it would be like Fiji in the Middle East, where any time an Indian got in office the military would overthrow them.

      Ideas like yours are really why I am starting to be disillusioned with Progressivism, because a lot of Progressives don't want to acknowledge that nationalities, cultures and borders are actually a layer of protection for people preventing the whole world from being run by one set of neoliberal policies and then becoming some sort of weird monoculture.

  • Amazing Social Media Facts 2013 (video)
    • I'm 25, and social media disturbs me.

      It will not end well.

      I was utterly terrified by that supposedly uplifting commercial by Google where the baby girl is born and has her entire life history marked down on her Google account.

      How is that possibly uplifting? I hate the thought that you could never outrun your online history. That is the type of social control that tyrants have dreamed of ever since there were humans but never could really achieve until now.

  • Companies are Mining your Facebook/ Twitter Info... and Selling it (Beckett)
    • Your point of view would be fine if there wasn't a movement to brand people not on social media as anti-social weirdos and freaks. It's a fact that the FBI considers non-participation in social media a red flag for potential terrorists.

      I'm not on it, because I'm not interested in being traceable every single second, but in many areas now a days, if you aren't employers won't hire you and people won't be friends with you. So if there really *is* a choice in the matter, let's stop pressuring everyone to join in, hmm?

  • US must Pressure Bahrain on Human Rights (Strindberg)
    • Perhaps Kuwait?

      I don't know, they seem a little less obsessed with oppressing their citizens, but even they changed their election law recently. But then again, at least they have elections.

  • Kim Jong Style (Parody of Psy's Gangnam Style)
    • That's not funny. That's just sad. Poor North Korea, I hope one day they can be free and happy and not have people make their suffering into a parody joke.

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