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  • Tagore's "The New Year" (Poem of the Day)
    • Thanks, I love Tagore. Who is the translator here, Tagore himself ?

      Here is an extract from a very famous poem (Translated by Fakrul Islam, Islam/Chakravarty, "The Essential Tagore",Bellknap Press, ISBN: 978-0-674-05790-6)

      "If there is no one to light your path, O unfortunate one,
      If on a day of storms and showers doors are bolted on you
      Then in the very flashes of lightning
      Kindle your ribcage and blaze your own way."

      (This is quite laboured, it is incomparably better in Bengali ...)

      P.S. May we expect more of your translation of the Rubaiyat soon ?

  • UN to look into US Drone Program, but the Biggest Victim is Democracy
    • Here are some of those lawfully killed by drone strikes.

      Ayeesha, female age 3
      Hoda Ali Mohammed Nasser, female age 5
      Sheikha Ali Mohammed Nasser, female age 4
      Salma Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye, female, age 4
      Fatima Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye, female, age 3
      Khadije Ali Mokbel Louqye, female, age 1
      Mohammed Ali Mokbel Salem Louqye, male age 4
      Maryam Hussein Abdullah Awad, female age 2
      Shafiq Hussein Abdullah Awad, female age 1
      Sheikha Nasser Mahdi Ahmad Bouh, female age 3
      Shafika Mohammed Saleh Mohammed, female age 4
      Shafiq Mohammed Saleh Mohammed, male age 2

      For a longer list see, for example:
      link to

      If the slaughter of innocents awakes no shred of pity in your heart, ponder then, that their kith and kin will never forget or forgive the USA. The strikes create a hundred militants for every one killed, and any one of the hundred could be the next Osama. Such slaughter does nothing to enhance the safety of the USA, rather it generates hate, opposition, war without end.

      A cynical observer might comment that war without end serves the global MIC quite well.


  • Omar Khayyam (2) [Whinfield 1]
    • I am familiar with the Fitzgerald translations, but i always like to see others. Thanks, Prof. Cole.

      "Indeed,indeed, repentance oft before
      I swore, but was I sober when I swore?
      And, then, and then, came Spring, and rose in hand,
      My threadbare penitence apieces tore"

      Some of my favorites:

      "O Thou who did with pitfall, and with gin,
      Beset the road I was to wander in,
      Thou wilt not with predestination round
      Enmesh me, and impute my fall to sin ?"

      "What, without asking, hither hurried whence?
      And, without asking whither hurried hence!
      Another and another Cup to drown
      The Memory of this Impertinence!"


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