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  • Tunisian Muslim Leader Warns of Dangers of Violent Fundamentalism
    • It is inevitable that one day the time will come for these new Arab democracies to start passing some serious legislation in order to stabilise their countries. Of course they are worried that a 'crack down' on extremism - be it Islamic or otherwise - may damage their reputation but then again, such worries are intrinsic to a democratic system.

      To allow these waves of anger, violence and extremism to continually disrupt Tunisian society is counter-productive and genuinely damaging to international perceptions of the stability of the state. This has negative flow on effects for the economy with tourism, FDI and foreign aid being the immediate issues which will be quickly followed by general economic stagnation.

      After all wasn't this revolution mainly inspired by a desire for real and honest economic development?

  • Top Myths about Iran's Nuclear Enrichment Program
    • I think the conversation needs to be shifted from its current state to "why can't Iran develop a nuclear weapon?".
      This might not be popular in Israel, maybe not even in the US, but Iran is a sovereign state and as such has the same rights to develop nuclear technologies as any other.
      As the only nuclear power in the region it makes perfect sense for the Israeli's to want to monopolize that position but what right do they have to do so? Throwing rocks in glass houses I say.
      Kenneth Waltz makes, in my opinion, a less biased and more strategic case for such a shift in conversation: link to

  • Dear Mr. Romney: Palestinians are Poor Because You Stole from them and Kept them Stateless
  • Defections mount as Syrian Regime invests Aleppo
    • Funny how all these defectors seem to play the morality/humanitarian card once Assad's iron-grip on power seems to be fading...
      On another note is there not a significant risk of blowback for the Qataris in the form of Iran, with whom their relations seem to have been cordial up until recently? Seems pretty risky to me.

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