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  • US covert actions in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia (Woods & Serle)
    • That is an understandable feeling. We all want to stop evil people from harming others. I think this article wasn't trying to say that it was wrong to kill the militants; it was showing the impreciseness of the drone strikes. These drone strikes not only hit their targets but everyone around them. Civilians and children are hit in these blast; innocent people die with each strike.

      I knew the drone strikes were not perfect, and I knew that innocent people were being caught in the blasts, but I didn't know that this many innocent people were being caught in the strikes.

      Maybe a change of tactics is in order. Maybe we can stop the root problem that cause these militants to rise. And possibly strengthen the local law enforcement in these areas.

      I don't know. I'm not an expert. I just don't like what I am seeing. Too many pointless deaths.

  • Is Obama more Klingon or more Vulcan? & Michael Dorn Pitches "Captain Worf"
    • It is funny to me. In a sane country, Barack Obama would be as far right as would be permissible, particularly if we consider his foreign policy.

  • Romney & Bush Disappearance (Bill Maher Poster)
    • Mr. Swimmer, I would like to inform you that this was in fact snark, a joke approaching some witty satire. It mocks the absurdity of the evils the Bush Administration got away with as well as denial Republicans have of his administration.

      Or, to put it more simply, when you confront Republicans with the devastation caused by President "Dubya" Bush, they tend to deny his very existence, and that is absurd to the point of hilarity.

  • Tutu Slams Tony Blair for Illegal Iraq War, boycotts Leadership Conference
    • Where are these assholes coming from? I originally thought, stupidly I might add, that these type of "conservatives" were limited to America, but now I see, there is a worldwide movement going on. Honestly, what is there beef with the Middle East; they obviously don't care what happens to the people there.

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