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  • Netanyahu slips, Reveals reason for Opposition to Iran Deal
  • Top Ten Things Mitt Romney's Insults to Spain tell us About Him
    • "they are now even thinking of promulgating a law to restrict people from demonstrating on the streets. UNBELIEVABLE. We are gonna ending up thanking the Police for not shooting us dead when we regularly get out to the streets to protest."

      What you are referring to is the de facto case here in the US. While there is no single law forbidding demonstrations, the results of a bunch of small regulations is to, in fact, forbid demonstrations except when they are for government approved functions. And the various demonstrations of OWS and others have shown that the police have no compunctions about seriously wounding if not killing people. The other day a cop in MD punched out some woman half his size because someone else, somewhat larger, had squirted water in the air and the cop had gotten wet. Nothing will happen to the cop.

    • The comment about the "nation of hobos" was in reference to something that Romney said. It did NOT imply that Spaniards were now all beggars. Romney had equated receiving government aid such as unemployment insurance or social security with being a nation of hobos. The implication was that if you weren't paying income tax, then you were living off government handouts.

      Spaniards should feel as insulted as large women would if they heard the expression, "when the fat lady sings." It isn't a reference to them.

  • Serri: Iran's UN Inspectors are Repeating the Iraq Mistakes
    • As I recall, Hans Blix was pretty specific that there were no WMD. On the eve of destruction as it were, he made the comment that it would be ironic when no WMD were ever found. The reports I remember pretty much said that Bush was blowing smoke and that his quibbles with the reports that nothing was being found were irrelevant.

  • Top Ten Myths about the Libya War
    • On a minor note, to quote Alexander Cockburn on anything is silly. The man is the left wing answer to Krauthammer. If either happens to get anything correct, it is because eventually blind squirrels do find acorns. Neither of them is living in this reality, but that doesn't stop them from sounding off with no notion at all of what they're talking about. I sometimes get the feeling that Patrick was the one who got all the brains in that family.

  • When Extremism Learns to Blow things Up
    • "It would be wrong, of course, to suggest that anyone who hits these themes is a terrorist in waiting or supports violence."

      Why would it be wrong?

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