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Tom Joad

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  • Libya not a War for Oil
    • I found A link (wasn't the exact one I read, but seems to be the same story) at:
      link to

      Where it goes a good deal deeper into the specifics.

    • Juan, I absolutely believe you are more "in the loop" than I am, but I recently read a very interesting story about Libya and Qadaffi (I don't have the source though at the moment) and would just like to hear if you know of these incidents...

      That Qadaffi lost billions at the hands of Goldman Sachs, in what were supposed to be sound, safe investments, over the last few years, and other western companies also got him, and lost his money (Libya's money). One quote I do remember from the article was about "western investment firms liked to play him for a rube" (paraphrased)...
      It went on to cast doubt on his responsibility for Lockerbie, noting that and hinting that he possibly took responsibility in order to gain...standing, and that some of the victims familes even refused the compensation awarded.
      In any case, they made the case that the compensation package he agreed to (in order to gain in the end he thought) along with the investments tanking, left him in desperate need of cash, and that he had just levied some hefty "taxes" on all oil companies that wanted to gain from Libyas oil.

      I wish I could find the article, as I read it it seemed to make a lot of sense and point to oil interests wanting to stop him from pulling a "chavez"...

  • Energy Committee Chairman Candidate Says God Promised no More Catastrophic Climate Change after Noah
    • God of course is a notorious practical joker. Remember Abraham? Tells the guy to go kill his kids, just as he is about to do it, god says "hey...hey...wait a second now...I was just kidding. Man, can't you take a joke?"

      Even if you believed in a white, bearded, robed God up in the clouds (you would have to be a little brain dead to believe in that form of the diety, but okay) had promised...the promise would be about a billion times less serious than a promise you yourself might make to an ant.

      ONE serious point (okay...semi-serious).... all these folks that want to pick and choose out of the bible, as if it were a smorgasbord, and that believe the bible to be "the word of god, to man" (of course, it is EDITED too...there were many scriptures from the same time on the same subject left man) then how in the world can they justify not learning the original language that was closest to the word? I mean, the King James bible, how many translations from the original is that? What hubris must it be for a man to TRANSLATE the word of god? How can you know he didn't slip in a few of his own biases?
      No...I think all the "god fearing" Christians, should have to learn sanscrit, hebrew, and anything else that was around at the time before they are allowed to interpret "what god said".

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