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  • Khamenei's Fatwa against Nukes (Cenk Uygur Rant)
    • Mr. COle: Khamenie is a liar and far from being a true muslim. He is not even a 'marja'. Many respected and truly Shia ayatollahs don't consider the ruling leadership in Iran either as muslims or Shia.

  • Omar Khayyam (2) [Whinfield 1]
  • Jahanpour: As US and Iran Confront Each other, where is the Diplomacy?
    • Cyber basiji are paid $7 and hour

      "A conservative cleric blogger based in the holy Shiite city of Qum, Ahmad Najimi, said in his blog last week that the government was paying hackers hired in the network known as the "Cyber Army" the equivalent of $7 per hour to swarm the Web with positive comments about the Islamic
      Republic and post negative comments against dissidents."


      link to

    • IRI Not IRan will never give up its nuclear program after watching what happend to Gahdaffi (persian spelling). The only way IRI can guarantee not being toppled from within is by developing nuclear weapons. Developing nuclear weapons is to lessen the success of any popular uprising againt the regime not to attack Israel or using its weapons against its neighbors. With developing nuclear weapons/capability the regime ensure that no external powers can help/aid the looming revolution into its successful conclusion because they know they are certain that they won't hesitate to kill half of the population if they have to to preserve their power. The regime will never enter into any meaningful negotiation to stop its nuclear program for it would be suicidal if they did not develope their nuclear program...

Showing comments 4 - 1