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Walk Tall Hang Loose

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  • Israeli Ads against Marriage with American Jews are Part of a Population War
    • I am amazed at the suggestion that Israel will inherit, or be forced to absorb, the West Bank and Gazan Palestinians. Inherit how, from whom? Forced how, by whom? And for sure, the Palestinians would also need to be forced.

      No, the only solution to preserve Israel as a Jewish state, and satisfy the aspirations of the Palestinians, involves two states, as Olmert realised. The settlers are, of course, a big problem, but equal land swaps around the pre-67 borders could already put some big settlement blocks within Israel. A boundary commission, with a tough independent chairman with a remit to examine security, water, resources and transportation, and also the views of existing residents, could, hopefully, come up with a line acceptable to both parties.

  • Qaddafi's People's Temple
  • China and Iran, Green Together
    • Walk Tall Hang Loose 10/06/2011 at 2:16 pm

      Hello Roger:

      If 'we' are still unaware of the more destructive dangers of nuclear pollution, how come YOU know about them?

  • Al-`Awlaqi Should have been Tried in Absentia
    • Walk Tall Hang Loose 10/01/2011 at 9:07 am

      The trial should be held in the district and State where the crime was committed. Do the US Courts claim jurisdiction over crimes committed outside the United States, and if so do other states accept that jurisdiction?

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