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  • NASA Scientist: We face a Planetary Climate Emergency
    • About 50% of our country's energy comes from coal. Criminalizing it seems about as radical and unpractical ceasing all fossil fuel consumption.

      Another argument I don't get is "stopping cold turkey won't make much of a difference anyway." Well then, carry on.

      If we had multiple Katrina/Sandy events a year, and started rapidly losing coast line due to an increase in sea level, you think we'd figure out a way to make burning fossil fuels "logistically and economically" feasible? I do.

      What I observe is that most people want "feel good" solutions (hey, let's not burn coal!). But, when confronted with the drastic measures that are (probably) needed to fix this problem, they back away.

      Are we at a tipping point or not?

    • If we are at a tipping point, shouldn't we criminalize the burning of all fossil fuels?

      Burning coal produces CO2, but so does burning natural gas (just less).

      I don't understand those who sound the alarm (and I'm not saying there's no imminent danger - I don't know), yet only propose incremental solutions. I knew I were heading for a cliff, I wouldn't just slow down, I'd slam on the breaks.

  • How Long will We let the National Rifle Association and Corrupt Politicians Kill our Children?
    • As soon as I read the description of the shooting, I immediately thought of this movie. I would not be surprised if the shooter picked up some ideas from it.

    • Hunting? Probably not.

      Target Shooting? Definitely. You can easily fire off 6 rounds in 10 seconds or less. So, it helps to have a larger capacity magazine so you're not breaking up practice as much. The alternative is to have a lot more magazines, but that is more expensive.

      Self Defense? In most cases, probably not.

    • The US has 60x the population as Norway. So counting incidents doesn't really "speak for itself".

    • To your point, what if he didn't have an assault rifle with a large clip (i.e., because they were banned)?

      Let's say he had just a shotgun and pistol with five 10-round clips. Perhaps there would only be 10 killed and 15 injured.

      In what direction would that take your argument? What would be the next steps to preventing a large-scale shooting from happening?

      It's disturbing that, even in countries with extremely strict gun control, these things are still able to happen (most recently, Norway).

      I don't pretend to have answers.

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